Hobby Lobby Can Be a Dangerous Place!

I went to Hobby Lobby for 1 item. All I needed was a Styrofoam wreath...nothing else. I walked out of Hobby Lobby with a large iron lantern $11, a wire basket $5, an iron scroll $3, a dress form $3, an iron chair $2, 2 colored jars 60 cents, a vintage looking picture frame $2, and glorious keys 50 cents-$2. I am not sure what happened other than I stumbled down the 80% clearance aisle. I felt like I was on the great treasure hunt.

When I was picking out my keys...all were $1.00 except the large and small one, a lady in the aisle said she saw them on HGTV. They took a board and nailed each key or cross to it. She said it looked pretty cool. I loved the idea...I am not sure what I will do with them but I love them.
Check out Vicki Chrisman's blog: http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/
Look at what she did with the dress form...amazing. She is just a Rock Star in my book!


Ha Ha Tonka

On Monday we went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It is the site where a Kansas City business man had a dream of building a European style caste, carriage house, and water tower. Mr. Snyder was killed in one of the states first automobile accidents in 1907, so his 4 sons built the castle and fulfilled his dream. The castle caught fire along with the carriage house, so only the remains of the buildings are left to be seen. Here are a few of the photos.
Hayden got sick on this day...we are on day 4 of a high temperature and no other symptoms. I finally took her to the doctor and he put her on an antibiotic. Don't you just hate being sick and being out of town. She was a real trooper at the park. I will be glad when she is back to normal.


View from the lake house....

We are home from the lake...6 kids and 8 adults. I think we all look forward to a fun weekend at Marty's house. The photo makes it look small but it actually has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 family rooms, and an extremely large deck.


I got it, I got it...

A little bird, named Melanie pointed me in the right direction. I have been pouring myself over every single, last page. The back of the book says, "Creating has a magical way of filling you up inside". This book is definitely doing that. I look at it awhile and then put it away for awhile and then look at it awhile and put it away awhile. This has been a daily occurrence since I purchased it on Monday. It was worth every penny of the $12.99 I paid for it. The Autumn Leaves Designers have out done themselves this time. It is just a beautiful book. If you need a copy of it, 2 Scrappy Sisters have it in the store right now. Call and reserve yours (913) 788-CROP. Happy Reading! Kara

It's a Pool Thing!

I guess I think this is what Summer is about. This is my view from a lounge chair at the neighborhood pool. When we were looking for a home, one of my requirements for considering a home was if the neighborhood had a pool or not. I had Summers off as a teacher and loved spending the afternoon in the pool. Not much has changed in the Summertime for me...I am still loving the pool.

If you are wondering where Hayden is in these pictures, the answer is under the water in the deep in. I had enough time to take the first photo and then she was off to the deep end of the pool with friends. Thank goodness, little man still hangs out with me. Kara

More of the same...

My Mom was having trouble seeing the picture from Father's Day. So, I made them larger. I hope this helps Mom. Kara


Father's Day

Here are some small pictures of Father's Day at my parents. My mom made lunch and I brought strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Her yard is in full bloom. It was such a nice day to be outdoors. Kara


Oh, Are We Going To the Lake!

Almost every Summer weekend, we spend at the lake. It is a place of relaxation for all of us. The smell of sunscreen, the mist of the water spraying off the boat, and the sun warming our skin...makes it almost paradise. It has been so cold here, that we haven't taken the boat out once this Summer until Saturday. We were all excited.
Paradise is a little community up by Smithville Lake. It has a general store called Clydes. When I was there Saturday, a little kid didn't have enough money to pay for his ice cream. The clerk behind the counter told him not to worry about it. This wasn't Wal-Mart. He gave him the ice cream. I have had to use their land phone before when my cell was dead as a doornail. Such a nice bunch of people at Clydes. We are Summer regulars since it is down the street from our boat storage. Hayden loves to tube. She drives us nuts until she can go. Sutton ,on the other hand, is scared to tube. He went on Saturday and he told us that we ruined his day and he was sick of us. I guess he won't be going for awhile.
This is our favorite cove. Notice, not a lot of boat traffic. This was Saturday...we waited 25 minutes for our turn to put the boat in. It was crazy busy, but not in our cove. So, peaceful.
It isn't anything fancy, but it is ours. It is a Crownline...which means nothing to me because I don't know much about boats. We bought it used from B and B Marina. An older couple that hardly used it, owned it before us. We have had it 3-4 years now and still love it.

Doesn't this just say it all? He will kill me when he sees this picture. Nice place for a life jacket, Shane.

All those life jacket sizes remind me how much the children have grown since we have had the boat. Time goes fast-when you are having fun. Kara


Vacation Class

Vacation Class
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Here are some of the pages from my vacation album class. This was my first attempt at Flickr. I noticed I have a duplicate photo that I don't know how to remove. Such is life! I am still so new to this blogging thing. My class is now scheduled for August 5. Call 2 Scrappy Sisters to reserve your spot. 913-788-2767. Limited space available. Kara


Some Kind Of Yummy!


The 2 Scrappy Sister's in Kansas just got my favorite punches in. They are scallops....circles and ovals made by Marvy Uchida. The company could not keep up with the demand. These punches are hard to find. I have been looking for them for about 3 months. They range in price from $11 to $22...and are worth every penny. If you have every tried to cut a scallop circle or oval with fancy scissors, you know how difficult it is to get the scallops to end and position together. These punches are some kind of yummy to me. I know the store has limited quantities...call and reserve yours today.

My next obsession is the Foof Life book. I have been looking all over the city for it. Wish me luck on my journey. -K


More Scrapbooking for QVC London....

Here are a few layouts and cards I created from a scrap kit that is on it's way to QVC in London. I really enjoy working with Brenda Walton's Dollhouse Collection. It is a girly paper collection with a vintage, flea market feel.

Photos of the darling little girls are taken by the fabulous Renee Burns.

The tea pot card opens...and has a real tea bag on it...

The little mirror card also opens up...it is embellished with rhinestones...

This is a little party girl dress banner...It would be so cute welcoming a new baby girl to the family or at a birthday party.


Sometimes there are rules to follow...

Sometimes, I am giving certain papers and embellishments to use when designing. I can only add buttons, ribbons, or few embellishments that most scrapbookers have. Here was my challenge.

And here is what I made:

This is my friend, Renee's daughter and the other layout is of her family. She is a phenomenal photographer. The pictures of the girls in the white dresses were taken at Shoal Creek.

Here are a few cards and a tag-

I made a matchbook to hold a few photos...

My favorite project was a gift cone to go on the back of a chair. Jamie thought of the idea at Easter and made little treat sacks for each of her guests. I thought it would be a great place setting card except that it hangs. I also like the fact that you can put goodies in it for your guests.

Sometimes, following the rules can be very rewarding. When you are stuck on a project, limited your supplies and unleash your creative juices. Kara