Ha Ha Tonka

On Monday we went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It is the site where a Kansas City business man had a dream of building a European style caste, carriage house, and water tower. Mr. Snyder was killed in one of the states first automobile accidents in 1907, so his 4 sons built the castle and fulfilled his dream. The castle caught fire along with the carriage house, so only the remains of the buildings are left to be seen. Here are a few of the photos.
Hayden got sick on this day...we are on day 4 of a high temperature and no other symptoms. I finally took her to the doctor and he put her on an antibiotic. Don't you just hate being sick and being out of town. She was a real trooper at the park. I will be glad when she is back to normal.

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Vicki C said...

Hope Hayden is better! The photos are such fun!