Hobby Lobby Can Be a Dangerous Place!

I went to Hobby Lobby for 1 item. All I needed was a Styrofoam wreath...nothing else. I walked out of Hobby Lobby with a large iron lantern $11, a wire basket $5, an iron scroll $3, a dress form $3, an iron chair $2, 2 colored jars 60 cents, a vintage looking picture frame $2, and glorious keys 50 cents-$2. I am not sure what happened other than I stumbled down the 80% clearance aisle. I felt like I was on the great treasure hunt.

When I was picking out my keys...all were $1.00 except the large and small one, a lady in the aisle said she saw them on HGTV. They took a board and nailed each key or cross to it. She said it looked pretty cool. I loved the idea...I am not sure what I will do with them but I love them.
Check out Vicki Chrisman's blog: http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/
Look at what she did with the dress form...amazing. She is just a Rock Star in my book!


Vicki C said...

Oh Kara...you are SO sweet! I love that mirror and dress SO MUCH! I even went back on Friday when I was in Omaha to see if they had more! NO such luck...but that dress was FUN! Can wait to see what you come up with! Those little dresses are darling! CS has new Chipboard dresses and outfits now also. Sooooo CUTE!

deb said...

Loove those keys!! We don't have a HL here. :(

Jessica said...

I miss HL... I venture about 2 hours to the nearest one... :( but thats okay just saves me $$$