I have a magazine addiction.

I love magazines. My collection has everything in it from Creating Keepsakes to Southern Living. Every time I am at the grocery store I like to see if new magazines have come in. I get a giddy feeling when I find a new magazine to love. I love how they feel, that I can carry them where ever I go (they aren't heavy like a book), that I can start and stop them anytime an interruption occurs, and they are stock full of fabulous color combinations, textures, and most importantly great ideas. Oh, I almost forgot how much I enjoy the photography. Because I love them so much and I collect way too many, they are stacked in too many places in my home. I had to figure out a way to organize the ideas . Here is how I did that. I bought a kit from Miss Foof herself. http://paperbellastudio.com/parlor.html I loved this journal. I made it to house all my inspiration. When my well runs dry, I can pick up my little book and browse all the ideas I once loved.


Katie Lyn Sherry said...

Great idea Kara!! I loved the journal idea. I too am addicted to magazines (BUT ONLY THE BUYING~) I hardly ever read them, I come up my own ideas most of the time. However, I can't part with them once I have them. I'm gonna make a collage out of my favorite pictures and toss the rest! Great idea!


Melanie said...

That turned out WAY CUTE!!! I have one of these...but I haven't decorated the cover yet. I've been thinking I would do it as soon as i had some extra time for months....and it just never happens! I'm also not sure how I want to do it...commitment issues! LOL!

Renee said...

What a great idea they turned out great.
I too am a magazine junkie!