Oh, Are We Going To the Lake!

Almost every Summer weekend, we spend at the lake. It is a place of relaxation for all of us. The smell of sunscreen, the mist of the water spraying off the boat, and the sun warming our skin...makes it almost paradise. It has been so cold here, that we haven't taken the boat out once this Summer until Saturday. We were all excited.
Paradise is a little community up by Smithville Lake. It has a general store called Clydes. When I was there Saturday, a little kid didn't have enough money to pay for his ice cream. The clerk behind the counter told him not to worry about it. This wasn't Wal-Mart. He gave him the ice cream. I have had to use their land phone before when my cell was dead as a doornail. Such a nice bunch of people at Clydes. We are Summer regulars since it is down the street from our boat storage. Hayden loves to tube. She drives us nuts until she can go. Sutton ,on the other hand, is scared to tube. He went on Saturday and he told us that we ruined his day and he was sick of us. I guess he won't be going for awhile.
This is our favorite cove. Notice, not a lot of boat traffic. This was Saturday...we waited 25 minutes for our turn to put the boat in. It was crazy busy, but not in our cove. So, peaceful.
It isn't anything fancy, but it is ours. It is a Crownline...which means nothing to me because I don't know much about boats. We bought it used from B and B Marina. An older couple that hardly used it, owned it before us. We have had it 3-4 years now and still love it.

Doesn't this just say it all? He will kill me when he sees this picture. Nice place for a life jacket, Shane.

All those life jacket sizes remind me how much the children have grown since we have had the boat. Time goes fast-when you are having fun. Kara


Melanie said...

Great pictures! Looks like and sounds like tons of fun!!


Angelia said...

Looks like great fun, Kara! We visited a friend a couple weeks ago who lives on a lake. It was Olivia's first time tubing and she LOVED it. She said it was the most fun she'd ever had - until her first tennis lesson the next day. She still loves tubing, but she thinks tennis is even more AWESOME ;)