Home from Paradise! wink wink

It was hard to leave PARADISE...but I am home from

It was a rough few days...relaxing on the beach, facials at the spa,
and shopping in my favorite little town of Laguna.

I am home to laundry, no groceries, and a kid home with Strep.
I am the luckiest girl on the planet.


Egg-ceptionally Busy Crafter

I have been so busy lately...

Between kid's schedules, crafting, and travel I have been working late hours trying to keep up!
If you think I am complaining...NO WAY!
I LOVE my life and know that the hectic times come every year right before May and last until June!

Here is something I have been working on~

Read all about how to make your own- HERE!

Happy Easter everyone!


She is a Super Star!

Little Miss "H" made Varsity Competition Cheerleader!
She doesn't even start high school until next year...
Pretty awesome for an incoming freshman!
We are over the moon happy for her!

I remember the days, when she was scared of the school mascot!


Keep on Truckin'

Whew Baby!
I have been a busy girl...
Home from Vegas and no I am not any richer!

Getting ready for a "husband getaway"!
Which is probably a good thing, since I have forgotten his name.
He has been traveling or I have been gone.
Let's just say we are like 2 ships passing in the night.
Time to reconnect!

(don't you just love those pink cowgirl boots?)


Have you seen Anthropologie in K.C.? Wow-wee!

You know I am Anthropologie's #1 fan...

If you haven't had the opportunity to see the Kansas City's store windows,
then you are in for a real treat!

For your viewing pleasure...
Meet Kansas City's finest store windows!

(please notice how each piece is made from clothing hangers)

Happy Spring!


Where, oh where, are my scissors?

Yes, this is really how my studio looked yesterday!

As embarrassing as it is,
this happens regularly to it.

I get so wrapped up in a project that cleaning as I go--
just sounds ridiculous to me.

Well, lucky for me, it doesn't take much time to clean it up.
Go HERE to find out all my secret tips for Spring Cleaning your craft space!


Pieces with Meaning...

I am not a big, fancy jewelry kind of girl.
Don't get me wrong, I love diamond's, ruby's, and sapphire's...
I just don't really have very many!

But, if you dig into my jewelry box you would find...
trendy pieces,
hand-made pieces,
and meaningful pieces.

I thought I would show you three of my favorite, most-worn, meaningful Mommy pieces.

This bracelet, my husband bought me when Sutton came into the world.
It goes with everything...
And, I have worn it 9 years!

My mom had this piece made for me on my last birthday.
I had been wanting an initial necklace but I really didn't want just my initials on it.
So, the "K" in the center is for me
- and the "H" and "S" represent my children's name.

This piece is my newest addition-
It has my family's names on each charm.
You can order one like it HERE!

I bought the charms and jump ringed them onto an inexpensive chain. 
I layer this necklace with an Anthropologie necklace I picked up on clearance.

Isn't it delicious?

You don't have to have expensive gems--
to have treasured jewels!

Happy Hump Day!


DC last few Days of Fun

Day 3-
We packed the rental car and headed to Gettysburg.
It was the place Lincoln gave his famous speech Four Score and Seven Years ago...
All around we could see homes, graveyards, and artifacts from Civil War Times...
It truly was like stepping back into time.

For lunch we randomly pulled into a restaurant next to McDonald's.
It was called the Dobbin's House.
Little did we know, that this was one of the first stops of the underground railroad.
We ate downstairs in a candle lite tavern. 
Such an unplanned and unique experience.

Our next destination on vacation was Hershey, Pennsylvania.
We checked into the Hershey Lodge....

Chocolates awaited us in our room.
The sheets had Hershey Kisses embroidered on them.
It is a heavenly bed!

Even a bathroom wallpapered in Kisses...
Yes, the soap and the shampoo was chocolate flavor.

The town really did smell of chocolate.
The light posts were Hershey Kisses and the factory reminded Shane and I of Willie Wonka's.

It was connected on one side to a lush park with a stream that flowed into the factory.
The other side of the factory was an amusement park.

Up on the hill overlooking the factory was the elegant Hershey Hotel.
It has a chocolate spa!

We had to go check-it out!

Day 4-
We went to The Story of Hershey and The World of Chocolate.
Both are Delicious!

I would have to say The World of Chocolate was our favorite.
We went to a 4D-movie.
It shoot confetti on us, rained on us, smelled of chocolate, and played tricks on our eyes.

Next, was a factory tour on an amusement park like ride...

Then, time to get suited up to make our very own chocolate bar.

You start by designing your chocolate bar at a computer.

Then, you pull a lever and watch your creation come to life.

While your chocolate bar was in the cooler...
You need to design a wrapper for your candy.

Life is SWEET!

Our flight was the next morning,
so we headed back to DC to stay the night by the airport.

One finally stop was on our agenda...
I wanted the kids to see (visually) all the people that had fought for our freedom.
It is a powerful sight.

While we were there, the last living WW1 veteran was buried.  It was a little tricky getting out of Arlington with the President and Vice President paying their respects.

We walked to the top of the hill to see where the Kennedy's were buried.
They have a beautiful view of DC.

We also took the kids to see the tomb of the unknown soldier.
It was time for the changing of the guard.
A perfect tribute and a wonderful way to end our stay in DC.

Thanks for joining us on our Spring Break Vacation....
Now back to reality and crafting fun!