Ode to Wendy Addison and Travels To Tinsel Trading

Here it goes...

There once was a girl named Wendy Addison,
She could have been president like James Madison,
(I couldn't come up with anything else that rhymes--snicker, snicker)

But instead,
She filled her head
With thoughts of sparkly glitter

She traveled the world.
but found her true love
 in her Theatre of Dreams!

Good thing I am a paper crafter and not a poet!

Let me tell you about Wendy Addison.
Above my studio desk hangs a large banner
 that says, "Dream".
She made it. 
I found it at a little store in Parkville, Missouri.

I have several other prized pieces
of Wendy's that I truly treasure. 
Each one is made with German Glass Glitter.
There's nothing on the planet like it.
Wendy has a wonderful story
about how she traveled to Germany to find it.
I never thought in a million years I would meet her.
But, my dear friend, Rachel said let's go
 to St. Louis and take a few classes.
So, we did.
I took 2 Wendy Addison classes!

Dreams do come true...

My classes were back in April.
I am still finishing my chandelier.
I ran out of German Glitter Glass.
So, when I was in New York
I went to Tinsel Trading to
purchase more.

Guess who was there at the same time?
WENDY ADDISON (all the way from California).
I promise I am not a stalker. 
I just have so much admiration for her art!

Here is my Chandelier...in progress,
Pictures from our classes,
and a tour of Tinsel Trading.

Marcia's store also has
a wonderful history. 
Read all about it on her blog.
Make sure to watch the video.

Marcia's store is like candy to me.
Last year, was my first time in New York.
I was too shy to ask if I could take photos.
This year, I am older (snicker, snicker)
So I asked
She said YES! 
Isn't it dreamy!
I met Marcia in St. Louis too. 
Super nice, super real....
I like people like that!
Rare finds!!!!

This is me with the famous Wendy Addison.
 The bag she is holding is full of glitter.

It sparkles more than anything I have ever seen!

Here is how the glitter is packaged and you can order it
online from Tinsel Trading.

We started by tracing cardboard stencils.
 Then, we cut them out.
Next step-Glitter!

Wendy showing us how to fit the two chandelier pieces together!

Isn't is just magical!

Here are my pieces at home drying.

Here I am
 with Marcia on my left and Wendy on my right!
Notice the chandelier above our heads!

Tinsel Trading takes my breath away every time I visit!

One of these had to come home to my girlfriend Suzy Q.

I love every inch of this store...
It is rich in history and full of wonderful, creative things!

2 of these little Wendy Addison pieces had to come home in my suitcase.
One for my studio and one for my sweet, friend Kelly!

I had to buy this too!
Pink glue
Are you kidding me!
It was meant to be MINE!

If you are ever in New York,
You must visit Tinsel Trading.
And if you ever have a chance to take a class with
Wendy Addison,
Don't even blink!
Just sign yourself right up for it!!!!

My chandelier finished will be tomorrow's post!


Sheila Rumney said...

I would love to go to Tinsel Trading. Thanks for taking us on the tour! Can't wait to see your finished chandelier!

Saw your studio in CK! Congrats!

Leah C said...

Love, love glass glitter! I have 2 Wendy Addison words...Believe & Bonjour...covered in that sparkly silver stuff...hanging in my scraproom:) How lucky you are to have met her...twice!