Welcome Mother Nature!
She showed us what she was made of
and I loved every snowflake of it.

It was probably 10 inches
when she was finished.

Glad to finally see winter!

Meet Mr. #1 snow scooper --
He was such a big help!

Here is the healthy soup I was telling you about.
It is easy breezy to make.
Ingredients :
Beef Broth,
Zucchini Squash,
and Basil

(add or take out the veggies you don't like.
 I removed the onions-BLah!)

1.  Place a large can of the Beef Broth
     in a soup pan and heat on medium.
2.  Saute carrots in a skillet until soft...(not mushy)
3.  Place all ingredients in soup pan and boil until soften.
4.  Let it cool so you don't burn your tongue.
Enjoy! Mmm Mmm Good!

I seriously think if Anthropologie had a fan club,

I would be #1.

If you look at my art you will notice two things:
1) I love texture on my project
2) I pay great attention to details

I think Anthropologie also pays great attention to details
as seen on their clothing, jewelry, and home items.

They use texture in amazing ways too.

I just bought a dress that had little crochet balls at the neckline.

When I was in New York,
I had to take photos of the
Anthropologie Store Windows.

All the details had my creativity flowing...
Remember when I said
I though burlap was going to be hot!
( I posted about it before Halloween)

Check out all the burlap in their store windows!!!!
Here are a few more photos of other things I did
in my quick day in half visit to NY NY.

Each letter is wrapped in yarn...

Loving the house made of fabric.
Notice the little string ladders.

Little mushrooms and yarn icicles at house number 5

Pine cones galore
Made from fabric and old sweaters!

A giant burlap pine cone with little house tucked into it.

Here is a great close up view.
I love the pink ladder connecting the houses.

Aren't they the cutest couple?
Just hanging out in New York in my favorite window display.

Every ounce of it is luscious!

If I only could knit!

I am moving in...
Deer wrapped in yarn is staying!

Tic Tock...
 I am in love with these clocks!

I want to make a pink one for my studio!
I will be on the prowl for worn out Cuckoo Clocks
at my local thrift store!

Next stop...
Lego store across the street from Anthropologie.
Then a little Rockefeller Center sightseeing.

So that wraps up my trip...
Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's, Central Park, and The Plaza Hotel to see Eloise.
I just adore Eloise!

Take a moment a pick up this book--

It is a great story for young at heart!
Click Here for more information on the book!

We will talk tomorrow!


Leah C said...

A whole lot of yummy!! Except the winter stuff; I much prefer spring:)

Lora Oliver said...

Oh, Kara, you HAD to post Anthro's links. I am so toast. I wish I could afford to just have them send me the new season's stuff each round. Oh, and decorate my house. Love these pictures, thank you for the inspiration.

Sandy Michelle said...

Looks like we visited the same spots in New YOrk. I just loved Eloise's place :0) Happy new year my friend! Sandy xox