I Like it, I Love it, I Want Some More of it

My day didn't go as I had planned it~
By 11 o'clock it had totally changed.
Plans in the bucket!!

The phone rang...it was school calling.
Remember, today my sweet children went back to school.
I have been enjoying H & S's company for the last 3 days.

Little Miss H. is chilling and has a migraine.


No Chandelier making for me...
But, I didn't get a few things off my list.

1.  Quick Errands Ran (only 2)

2.  Picked up the New Hobby Lobby Magazine.
     (I LOVE IT @ $1.99)

3.  Mailed Christmas Thank-You Notes
     (Yes, we are slow)
4.  Cleaned up My Blog
     (April Shower's is working on it,
        but I needed it more organized)

5.  Finished a few projects
    (still have a few to go)

6.  Wrapped a Baby Gift

7.  Took out the trash

8.   Begged husband to take me to Las Vegas
      for a Garth Brooks concert.
      (yes, I am insane)

9.  McDonald's for super
    (I got the kid's Happy Meal)

10.  Helped Mr.S learn his spelling words
     (Man, some are tough even for me)

So, I thought I might share with you some of my latest likes!

I am lovin' these two little woodland critters.

I saw them HERE!

Oh, I am sure they were smiling at me on the computer screen.

Can you believe they are a craft kit?
I think they would look pretty fine in my studio
perched on a bookcase.

I am listening to~
The Band Perry
It is a group made of all siblings ( a sister and 2 brothers)

And Tuesday, I picked up Steel Magnolia CD.
It is there first album
but, they were discovered on the TV Show
So You Think You Can Duet.
Yes, they are a couple...super cute!

I am counting the days until...

If you haven't heard of this.
Click Here.
I am going to the event with
my best friends from high school
(yes, I realize that was 100 years ago
but we are still close friends)

I just can't wait....

It is going to be super cold there...
So,  I am going to need these.

Yes, good old Roxy Ships!

One more thing,
if you haven't tried THIS,

You may just like it,
 love it,
or want some more of it!

Everybody Loves a Good Contest!

wink, wink

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Leah C said...

My you are a "busy beaver"! So sorry your sweet Miss H wasn't feeling well...warm hugs:)