New York State of Mind

I think I could be a New Yorker....
I absolutely love that city!
The art, the commotion, the history, and all the cultures.
New York is the heartbeat of America!

I was in New York right before Christmas.
What a magical place to visit during the holiday season.
Come take a peek at my second trip to
The Big Apple
 in a 2 week period of time! 

Pinch me
 I must be dreaming...
We aren't really staying HERE!

Yes, we are!
As soon as I walked into the lobby,
I was greeted with the hustle and bustle of the holidays!
I felt like I was in an old  Hollywood Movie.

So grand!
From the trees to the lightening...
I just could keep track of all the delicious details.

Under the tree displayed tons of old trunks and suitcases.
I thought this was clever.
At home, I have a travel tree.
It is a small, tabletop tree full of ornaments for our trips.

Wouldn't it be fun to display the tree coming out of a suitcase?

Tiny packages are wrapped an tucked all in the tree.

Played by the famous Cole Porter.
The painting on the piano took by breath away!

These large urns were glittery and ornate.
Garlands were wrapped and ornaments hung from them
They were strikingly beautiful displayed in the main lobby.

Here is why I was so fortunate to go to New York.
I packed myself in my husband's suitcase
 for a special dinner
with a special customer.

The restaurant was abundant with beautiful flowers.

The table was elegantly set for the dinner.
The lightening just made the room glow!

Here we are!
Cute husband and me....
(necklace Swarovski snowflake
like the star on top of the Rockefeller Center Tree,
Dress BCBG from Saks Fifth Avenue-
it was $100 cheaper at Saks than it was from Dillards.)

The view was outstanding.
  The restaurant sat under the Brooklyn Bridge.
It was right on the river over looking Manahatten.

Besides the lovely flower and the delicious food...

I got to spend time with Kumi!

and check out the dessert!
It was too pretty to eat!
Yes, that is the Brooklyn bridge made of chocolate!

I hope you enjoyed see my trip to the East Coast.
Tomorrow I will show you what I did in a day in a half!

Today--we are snuggled in our PJ's enjoying Mother Nature's Blast!
No schools opened...hot soup on the stove.
It is looking like a fabulous day!
I will take some photos and post the soup recipe.
It is yummy and super healthy!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love the River Cafe! My cousin's shower was there just a few months ago. Beautiful place and gorgeous flowers. So glad you got to see NY at Christmas. It's amazing!

Leah C said...

I {heart} NY...just never been there during Christmas:) Lucky you!!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh kara,
i am sooo jealous. I am from new york but have been unable to return home in four years. I am hoping this year to have a long trip home. I agree that christmas in new york is the best!

Lisa said...

Oh, Kara!
Love the pictures and I agree, so very beautiful. I would be in heaven!

Lisa Messman

Lisa said...

Cannot wait to hear all about your trips! How fun!
BGC pretty soon - can't wait to see you!