Did You Forget About ME?

Well, I am still here.
I was just recovering from Christmas.
It was terrific!
I have so much to share with you--

I will be posting holiday decor,
family traditions,
and of course a few crafts.

Let's not forget travel...
2 trips in December
kept me on my toes and
trying to find balance
during the holiday season.

Now that the tree is put away and my studio is clean....
I have projects lined up to make for myself and for my little studio.

Did you happen to pick up your February Creating Keepsakes Magazine?
Turn quickly to page 19

Yeah, it's my little pink studio!
I am over the moon that Creating Keepsakes
thought my studio was pretty enough for their magazine.

I must say Creating Keepsakes
was the first magazine I read when I started crafting.
It taught me a lot about layouts, composition, and color.

I am so touched to be part of such a wonderful crafting publication!

See a few more photos at Creating Keepsake's website:

Click on the link

or read more about my studio on Spotted Canary.

I wrote a post about the how's and whys of my organization madness.

Peace, Love, and Craftiness,

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Leah C said...

Congratulations, Kara!! That's wonderful...I've always thought your studio was a beauty:)