Silverbella Classes

Welcome to 2 of my 5 Silver Bella Classes!

I started my day with Charlotte Lyons.
She always knows how to make my day-
We created this nifty necklace scissor holder.
She even taught us how to crochet.
All I can say to that is thank you Shelia!
I stink at it--

This is Charlotte's necklace pictured below.
Mine is still in the works!
In a few days you will understand why!

I look like a mugshot is being taken!
 Next class-
Teacup Fairy by Beth Quinn.

She is made from a teacup, wire armature, and a Frozen Charlotte Head.
Mine is the blond and Jessi's is the brunette.
Our fairies are friends, just like us!

Last Bella Post tomorrow for awhile!
Need to schedule in some crafty time!


Leah C said...

Love those teacup fairies!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
aaahh i love our fairies.
love you too!!!
see ya soon

Rachel said...

Charlotte is the best, I wish I would've had time for that class!! Both your teacup and Jessi's is so cute! I bought the kit and need to get to work on finding a teacup!