Silver Bella-ing!

We made it to our destination and was ready for the festivities to start.
Here we are with the "Queen Bella" Miss Teresa
She is the mastermind, coordinator, and hostess with the mostess.

Say hi to Heather!
aka Vanna White.
This is what we crafted together.
Of course mine isn't finished because I wanted to use photos from the event.
I will post it when I have a chance to create it!

After dinner and the outstanding project,
it is time for swaps.
This year I did not sign up for even one swap.
It was a blessing because I am sure I could not of handle it.
Here is Shelia with a one on one swap. 
It is the canvas swap.
The project is made by Natalie.

Denise and Nora...I believe they were partners for 3 swaps.

The packaging for your swap is an important as what is placed in it.
This is the hat box Nora created to hold a crown for Denise.

I think Miss Denise is my soul sister. 
We share a love for PINK and have such similar taste and style.
I was dying over her pink ballet shoes!!!

The 3 Amigos!
Nora, ME, and Shelia.
Nora had matching shirts made personalized with our names
and Shelia made the soldered charms we are wearing.
Remember, I left the cupcakes in the fridge!

Another Bella I met, Elizabeth....
is in a blog contest.
Help her out by voting for her blog.
She is an inspiration to us all!
-and is very witty!!!!

Here is her blog and here is the link to the contest.
Scroll down to her blog name for voting!


Sheila Rumney said...

I don't even remember posing with Teresa for this picture. Most have been all the glitter!!!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

A thousand thanks, Kara, for posting the contest!!

Can't wait to do SB again next year.

Excuse my tardiness in sending the pictures. They are a'comin!