Amazing Amy Powers!

Meet Amazing Amy!
She is a craft rock star in my book!
We are looking festive in our hats for Silver Bella Vendor night. 
The theme was 1000 Hats!

Let me tell you about Amy.
I met her many Silver Bella's ago.
But, before meeting I used to read her blog Inspire Co.
And, yes I was inspired by her.
Every little detail of her work is YUMMY!

My first SB when we met, she had a booth at vendor night. 
I bought her perfume called Silver Bella! 
It smelled like clean linen and the bottle had a small silver bell hanging on it.
See what I mean about the details in her work?
Her table had sugar glitter houses on it that were sold out in seconds. 
The back drop to her table had painted clouds on it.
I was in awe!

Now, I am happy to call Amy a friend. 
We have been to several Silverbella's since.
I still feel she is a creative genius
- but most importantly she is a nice person with a big heart!

Here is her latest project!
It is a free holiday craft idea book.
It is only available online.
She wants it to stay "Green" so she will not print it.

Enjoy the holiday magic Miss Amy has so kindly shared with all of us!

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Leah C said...

I love Amy's book! Lots of inspiration, for sure:)