Kaari Meng is Charm-ing!

If you like to make jewelry, this is a great magazine. 
I was flipping through the pages and look-y look at what I found!

A Kaari Meng Charm bracelet!

It is a slice of pink heaven!
Just delicious!

I am lucky to say that I have met Kaari on a couple of occasions. 

Here we are at Silverbella last Fall. 
I made a rosary necklace.

Then, I saw her again in St. Louis, when I took a charm bracelet class.
Oh, what a class!

Kaari is such a good teacher.

She says things like,
"put one of your pliers at 3 o'clock and the other one at 9 o'clock".
Finally, at teacher that speaks my language.
She is visual and verbal...very helpful when you are a student in a class.
Look at all those tiny pieces...
Yes, I was so scared.
Would I ever be able to do this?
I listened very carefully and took my time.
I even broke out my Beacon 527 for gluing on the baubles....
Yes, I can do this!
 I am in love!
Look what I did....
Now for the Kaari tip:

I have taken a lot of jewelry classes and I struggle with getting my jump ring closed completely.

If you have that problem, then here is a Kaari tip
that made a world of difference in my jewelry making.

She said,
  • put one of your pliers at 3 o'clock and the other pliers at 9 o'clock-
  • then make 3 o'clock come towards you and 9 o'clock go away from you.
  • Add your charm and place the opened jump ring in a link on your chain.
When closing the jump ring: 
  • Have 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock meet together except
  • Have them go slightly passed each other and then together.
  • You will hear a faint click when they go passed each other.
It is magic to your ears because the jump ring locks back shut.
Ooh La La....music to my ears!

I thought this little tip was the best thing since slice bread.

I hope it helps you when attaching charms.
You can order charm kits on Kaari's website French General.
If you ever have a chance, take a Kaari class!


Sheila Rumney said...

Loved Kaari's class at SB last year! Can't wait to see you next week!

Leah C said...

That's a beautiful bracelet you made! And thanks so much for sharing Kaari's tip on jumprings...it's a great one:)

Caleen said...

Love all your pictures and projects.. Love the bracelet you made. It is lovely. Thank you for sharing the tip. I don't make jewelry anymore but, I use to. I really want to get into it again. Love your projects. You are a talented lady! Have a great weekend :)