Joy to the Jo-Ann's Wish Book

It came...
The Jo-Ann's Wish Book!

I remember, when I was a little girl,
 the Sears Catalogue would magically appear. 
It was packed full of
  • wonderful toys.
  • Dolls I had never seen before
  • and Barbie's Dream House
which I wanted more than anything!

As I grew older, the wish book stopped coming,
that was until yesterday!

Toot toot!

Jo-Ann's made a dreamy wish book for me!

I hope yours comes soon!

It is delicious!

So, I went to Jo-Ann's...

And what should I see?
My crafty journal on a header in the scrapbooking aisle.


Wouldn't this be a sweet gift for a crafting friend
  •  to write all their ideas in
  • or a place for them save picture inspiration projects?

A few more projects I made on the sign!

Head to Jo-Ann's and check out the crafting aisle. 

So many things I found to fill my stocking!
Poor Santa Shane...

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