Christmas Bliss in Atchison Kansas

All I can say is...
the walls of my home were closing in on me.

I had to get out of the house and I needed
  • something cheery,
  • something fun,
  • something different
So, a quick text to a friend
and within the hour I was headed North to Atchison, Kansas.

Nell Hill's was our final destination on our spontaneous adventure
but first, we had to have a bite to eat at Jerry's. 

Neither one of us was disappointed from the second we walked into
Mary Carol Garrity's magical shop. 
The halls were decked,
along with the ceiling ,
actually every square inch of the store was full of Christmas magic.

I left there feeling rejuvenated,
and excited about decorating my own home.
Don't feel sad if Nell Hill's is too far of a drive for you -
She now offers an online store!

Happy Holidays!!

Take a peek at the festivities.

Aren't they cute?
Loads of red filled the store.
I really like the white and red combination for the holidays.
Makes me think of peppermint!

Check out this chain. 
It is metal and looks like cookie cutters linked together.
I also love the hand painted ornaments.
It had a Scandinavian feel.

Before I leave you tonight,
I wanted to share a trend that I saw in Mary Carol's store. 

Tons and tons of burlap.
I saw
  • burlap curtains, 
  • burlap lamp shades,
  • burlap ribbon,
  • burlap matted pictures,
  • and burlap ornaments.
The burlap has such a wonderful texture and a neutral color. 

I bet we will start seeing burlap in our fashion and in our crafting.
Keep your eyes peeled for burlap, Baby!
And Check out Mary Carol's Blog Here!

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Leah C said...

Pretty pictures! Good for you for gettin out to get a lil' bit inspired:)