Mary Engelbreit's Inspirational Studio

So back in April-
I went on an adventure with Rachel.
We traveled over the hills
and through the woods to Mary Engelbreit's studio!

I never posted about the trip-
 because it was right before my dad got so sick....

We were greeted by a little friend...
isn't she charming!

This is the front counter in her studio and offices. 
I just love the Queen!
It makes me think that Miss Mary is keeping an eye on everything.

I didn't notice the pots with the flowers in them until I looked closer at the photos.
Life is all about the details and this space is full of them.

Notice the wall ahead.
Magic happens here!

Look at the details on the bookcases...
So many pieces of art!

Every inch of space in the lobby is grand and inviting!

This is where a real artist works....

And where a real artist rests, dreams, and plans their next masterpiece!

I felt like the day I explored Mary's studio,
it was all about ME!
Lucky, lucky....me!

I think you learn a lot about an artist when you look at their memo board.
It tells a tale of what they like, who they like, and what charges their creativity.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. 

Thank you Mary!

1 comment:

Leah C said...

Ms. Engelbreit is a talented & colorful artist, isn't she? And I love that her initals spell "me"...so cool:)