Thrift Store Frames

It is funny how inexpensive frames came showcase handmade art.
Take these frames from my local thrift store.
I know they are on the junk-y side,
but with my favorite K and Company paper pad and a few embellishments
they can turn into this!

I know it was a mirror and still is a mirror once you remove the paper. 
Simply place the pattern paper on top of the mirror base.
For complete supplies and directions click HERE!

This rectangular frame now holds a precious memory.
It is me and my mom and my dad heading to a wedding.
My mom made our match-y dresses in what is known as Martha colors: 
olive green and aqua blue.
I treasure this photo. 
It makes you realize that in the age of digital
 it is important to print your photos for your children

For directions and supplies click HERE!

Aren't they cute?
All mine...

Hanging the frame in a different direction then the way it was intend to hang-
makes the ideas endless!

Directions and Supplies are HERE!

This is my Grandma and her friend when she was in college to become a teacher.
The photo corners make the square frame appear to have a different shaped mat.

Directions and Supplies are HERE!

Simple and whimsical....adding buttons to the dress up a plain frame.

Directions and Supplies are HERE!

Have a great weekend!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hi Kara,
i love it, i see those frames all the time at thrift stores and think what would i use those for. thanks for the inspiration

lindafulghum.com said...

Beautiful as always! You make it look so easy!! Hope all is well with you and your dad. You've been in my prayers.

Leah C said...

Such "nifty-thrifty" ideas...love how you filled the frames:)

Caleen said...

I love what you did to these thrift store frames. You really beautified them. Love the papers.. You have the greatest scrapbook stuff.. My stores are so slow in getting everything. They don't carry everything. Great job Kara! Have a lovely weekend!