A Taste of Paris

This is Kumiko. 
Isn't she beautiful? 

I met her in New York.  I was at a dinner party with my husband.  I didn't know anyone there.  She was so warm and welcoming.  After talking, we found out that we have a love for cooking and crafting in common.  I had such a lovely evening because of her.

(I just had to point out the necklace in the photo that I am wearing, it is from a thrift store $2--it made me giggle when I saw this photo)

Well, Kumiko and her husband went to Paris.

Sigh! I have always dreamed of visiting Paris. 
My sweet, new friend, Kumiko brought me a treat from here:

Check out their website HERE!

These beautiful containers hold tea. 
Every morning, I start the day with a large green tea!
I can't wait to try these.  One is called Marie Antoinette!

The tea came with an elegant box full of cookies!

Kumiko spoiled me with pastry from Paris.

I will get to see Kumiko in a few months and I just can't wait. 
No, I am not heading to New York but some place a little closer.
wink wink

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Leah C said...

What a sweet lady she must be:) And I love your "thrift store" necklace!