Cheap-y Halloween Potion

I think Halloween decor is simply Spooktacular.

This little project came about after wandering through the aisles at Michael's
As I turned my cart down the dried flower aisle, 
these adorable and inexpensive jars
popped right into my cart!

(Shh, this is what you need to tell my husband)

My shopping rule #131- If I don't have a use for it, I don't need it.

Quickly an idea came to me. (WHEW) 

 I would make potion jars full of candy.

Wouldn't they be cute place card holders for a dinner party
or fabulous treats for those special trick or treaters?

For directions and supplies click HERE!


Caleen said...

Really cute idea kara! You are a clever girl.. Great picture too :)

Leah C said...

Very cute idea...boo-tiful bottles:) I think any trick-or-treater woud be thrilled to get one!

Sandy Michelle said...

Yeah thing at Michaels always pop into my cart too..lol! Those bottles are so boo'tiful :)

Sandy xox

Scrap It Swanky Sister said...

Those are adorable! Cute teacher's Halloween gift idea!!

The Dreaming Bear said...

These are GREAT! What a fun little gift!!!