Curious Time-

I was singing the blues-
(my Dad was very ill and my dear husband was in China)
I needed a break from my sad thoughts- so the kids and I headed to

 It was just what the doctor ordered-
(click the link and see more photos of her amazing store)

As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted by one of my favorite artist
Lesa Dailey
She has made many wonderful things for my home. 

Meet my new favorite  Halloween piece-
a hand-made Halloween doll
Lesa has made every piece of this doll. 
I love all the details:  the tiny shoes, the black bird, the "H" on the collar
Sigh!  So much amazing talent!!

If you are interested in Lesa's work, you can contact her here:

Okay, back to Curious Sofa!
Can you believe I got to the store with my cell phone and no other camera?

What was I thinking-
Sorry for the poor quality of photos...

As you entered the store, the chandeliers were draped and wrapped in gauze. 
The black candles were such a nice touch and contrast.
Deb's blog said she was inspired by Amadeus when she created her Halloween Masquerade.

My mouth dropped when I step into the door.....

For those of you who know me well-
I am terrified of doll parts.
Look how Debbie put these on black dole rods and arranged them into a cement pot.
Clever and frightening!

This last photo is a picture of Debbie Dusenberry (the owner of Curious Sofa) and me at Mary Englebreit's event. 
We are holding our creations that we made in class with Wendy Addison.

I was star-struck to meet Debbie.
She is a home-town talent!

 Visit her website

 She has just opened an online store!



www.curioussofa.com said...

Oh my! Your pictures of the shop are better than mine!!! Lesa rocks and SOLD OUT in an hour!
Thanks for the post.

Leah C said...

That doll is quite a doll:) Sounds like a fun event for you!

Sandy Michelle said...

You're so lucky to be able to visit that awesome store! I just love the primitive look of Lesa's doll!!