Here are Organza flower brooches I made for a few of my girlfriends. They are Valentine gifts and I am happy to report, that they are in the mail!

I started making these addicting flowers because of my dear friend, Kelly. She made this one and sent it to me. Swoon! It still is the prettiest one I have EVER SEEN!

Here is a quick step by step for creating the flower pins:
1. Cut your Organza into unevenly shaped circles. Make the sizes nest together.
2. With one circle shape at a time, place it carefully over a lite candle. (I use tongs to hold mine)
3. You will quickly see the flower melt and take shape.
4. It took me few tries, not to put holes in my Organza.
5. Sew the layers together and place a bead, button, or brad in the center.
6. Add a pin to the backside and it is ready to wear!

*CAUTION-playing with fire can be dangerous!

I hope your Valentine deliveries are going smoothly.

Little Miss creative thing decided to take the organza flowers back in time to the Fabulous 80's. She wanted to give them as gifts to her girlfriends for Valentine's Day! So, we found in the clearance section of the fabric store (you seem surprised that these colors were on clearance)neon colors from the 80's. Hayden cut and melted the fibers to create these teen-stylish flowers. She didn't want anything to do with brooches. I guess they are for old ladies like myself! She wanted bracelets. So, I dug in my belts and found more than one that will never fit again as long as I live. I added leather snaps to the belt scraps and sewed the flowers onto them with upholstery thread, a leather needle, and a priceless pair of flat nose pliers. I can almost see Madonna wearing one with her mini skirts!

Happy Valentine Creating!


bekimarie said...

They're gorgeous hunni and I love Haydens aswell, perfect for the tweenies.
Lovin Little Miss' blog aswell, well done to her.

Love and hugs
Beki xxx

tina said...

Those are so amazing, Kara!!! I'm totally stealing this idea. Your daughter is so creative, too. What a cool mom you are!

Hayden said...

Thank you!! rememeber to leave comments!
Thank you mom too!!

Melanie said...

Kara... they are BEEE-U-TI=FUL!!! Love them! And Haydens are way cool as well! She is just the prettiest little thing! Growing up so much!!

kana said...


I do love your pretty flowers! Your daughter is gorgeous!

NicNacManiac said...

Love your flowers especially the little leaf add on that make them all the more special! The card you attached them to is really lovely as well. Love making these, they really are addictive!! Your beautiful daughter is following in some pretty creative and generous shoes!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
xOxO Nerina

Robin Sanchez said...

Kara love your flowers. I make them every now and then and they are addicting!! They are fun and easy to make and everyone loves them. Your daughter is a doll...love her flowers too.

TxScrapAddict said...

These are too cool! I'm off to try this!!

Leah C said...

Oh so pretty! The brooches are more my style {silly mom that I am}; but, I know that my daughters would say Hayden's bracelets are cool! Love the colors:) Happy Hearts...

Rachel said...

Very beautiful!! Hayden you have that creative gene from your mom!! Yea!

BabyBokChoy said...

These are really really charming! Lucky folks who receive them!! :) :)

Sheila Rumney said...

Love your beautiful flowers! Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend!