Scoring Board Saved The Day!

This is my very special Martha Stewart Scoring Board. It has taken residence on top of my studio desk. I use it all the time and lately, I have been using it daily. You see, what makes it so unique is that it has a grid with channels on it for scoring cards, envelopes, and boxes. It even works well for pleating paper. What I love most about it is that I don't have to figure paper sizes. It is like a cash register and spits out the measurements you need~ so, you know how large to cut your paper, where to score it, and what the finale size of the product you are creating will be. In the photo it may be difficult to see, but the flap lifts open, and stores your tool and has a grid showing you all the measurement information. Hallelujah!

Sutton wanted to create fortune cookies for his class Valentine's. He's obsessed with China. I thought he wanted to make little paper fortunes for his classmate. OH, NO, no, no. HOw SilLY of me to think that!

He wanted REAL Fortune cookies! I headed to Hy-Vee. This nice man behind the counter sold me 25 individually wrapped cookies for $2. YEAH!!!!! So, when I brought them home--little man went on to tell me he wanted to serve his Valentines in bowls. WHAT????

I thought several days on this with him nagging me. Remember, he has been home with the p_ _ ps (rhymes with loops)(it's a Sutton term) for 3 days! I am pretty sure all this quality time with him was causing me to lose my mind.

Then, I heard the angels singing! I created boxes using my extra special Scoring Board. I cut the paper to size and my 8 year old, did all the scoring and folding. I hot glued the boxes together.

Here is the end result-
Total Teamwork!

Happy Valentine's Eve!


Caleen said...

OH.. I am so glad to see you are back.. I have missed you posts.. :)
You have so many wonderful things that you have posted.. Love the organza flowers.. What a sweet idea.
I also love the Fortune cookie valentine treats.. Your Daughter is a beauty.. Love the necklace too. Love everything you have posted.. Happy Valentine's Day..

Sandy Michelle said...

What a great idea to send fortune cookies! I saw the paper ones on Martha S' website- too cute! I am going to try and make the love blooms. They are amazing girl and turning them into wrist bracelets is an evern better idea! Happy Heart Day!

Sandy XOX

TxScrapAddict said...

You creative genius you!!! I love those! See? Spending all that quality time was good for BOTH of you!! Happy V-Day!

Leah C said...

Those are the sweetest valentines! Happy Heart Day to you & yours:)

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

They're precious! Great job.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is just so adorable!!! great teamwork!

Nicki said...

What a sweet Valentine treat! Too cute!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Kara~ Thank you so much the sweet words on my blog! I adore yours! So pretty!