Heading for the GREEN!

I am home long enough to get a few projects done and most importantly laundry. Today, I leave again and I am not telling you where yet. Here are your clues:

  1. Green, green land

  2. Lucky

  3. Guiness

  4. Castles

See if you are right on October 2-I will be home and ready to share loads and loads of photos. I had to buy a new memory card before we left. Mine is full of pictures I still want to share like Amelia Earharts birth home, Junk Bonanza, and Scrapfest. Not to forget so many projects.

There are 2 new post on Miss Nifty Thrifty: Here is a peek at the school one:

and here is the link:


and another post on Miss Nifty Thrifty called Naturally Beautiful


I'll be home soon...

Post your guess....I will have a drawing for a prize when I get back. Hhhhmmm, maybe something GREEN!


Sheila R said...

Is it Ireland? Have a great time!

Leah C said...

Oh it has to be Ireland:) Unless maybe Scotland or Wales is famous for Guinness, too? If it is Ireland, "kiss" the blarney stone and have a top o' the morning good time! Safe travels wherever you roam:)

tina said...

Well, darn, it's not NM :P I'm totally jealous, I would love to go to... Ireland?:D

TxScrapAddict said...

Love your projects! I would say Ireland. Lucky you if so! Always wanted to visit!

Nicki said...

Must be Ireland! Have a fabulous time!

bekimarie said...

Have a fab time in Ireland hunni, will be thinking of you and if I could be there I would!
Beki xxx

Rachel said...

Ireland!! Hope you have a wonderful time!!

Sandy Michelle said...

You sure know how to have fun! Can't wait to see the pix! are you going to Ireland?

Sandy xox

chinamomxtwo said...

Ireland of course!
on my bucket list! so I'm jealous

Anonymous said...

The Emerald Isle; Ireland! Lucky girl!

Julie B.