Welcome Home...

I am home and so happy to welcome you into my October Door.
You can view all the fun door ideas on Karen's blog.

First, I had to show you one of my favorite doors in Kansas City. Curious Sofa always knows how to wow it's audience. This year wasn't any different, with the "Freak Show" theme.

Always inspired!!!!!

Here is my October decorated door. Let's just say, I had issues. The first issue is my lovely neighborhood teens. They reek havoc on the weekends. I hate putting out my decorations, knowing they will be destroyed or stolen. I learned my lesson last Christmas. So, I have simplified it. The moon was my new purchase this year. I love decorating with moons, clocks, and lanterns at Halloween. I found this large glitter moon at Marshall's for $24.99. It was a steal! At night I put a strobe light in the window and it flashes moonlight madness.

Usually, I have my darling sheet ghosts dancing around the tree. I have remade them once- because they were stolen, so this year...I just might not put them out.
(See the picture below, from last year.)

I made this festive urn.
First, I bought an urn at Lowe's.
Then, I spray painted it black.
Next, I added a grapevine wreath.
I placed my Funkin Pumpkin on top of the wreath. In the wreath, I added a few floral pieces. This display is light weight and on weekends can be placed safely inside.

The pot holding a small pumpkin was suppose to have colorful Kale in it. The pot is too small for the Kale. Back to the drawing board. I did take a white pumpkin and paint our house number on it. It would be fun to paint a scroll-y last name initial or paint on a series of pumpkins
"Enter If You Dare".

I also needed a new wreath. My usual fall wreath was on it's last leg. I had to toss it and create something new. I added feathers. It seems like I am seeing them on so many decorating items. I even bought a shirt with feathers painted on it. Maybe it is a new trend. I made the wreath and it looked dark and dull. Not at all what I was hoping for. So I added bright blue flowers and a pop of orange. It looks so much more vivid and doesn't blend with my front door anymore.

Come on in and park your broom HERE!

I always thought our lantern over the entry looked like a bird cage...

Curious Sofa inspired me to create this....check out Deb's blog and her crows. AMAzInG!

Okay: Directions
You will need a large branch, black spray paint and a pretty container. Along with 5 crows.
  1. Paint the branch
  2. Place the branch and secure it into the planter
  3. Add crows to the branches.

I think Edgar Allen Poe would be proud!

Happy Fall to all!

PS- I have a darling, little treat for those who posted while I was away.
Check in with me tomorrow to see who had the Luck of the Irish!


Karen said...

Oh my gosh!
It is all so FABULOUS!!!! I love the branch with the birds in the entry and you cracked me up with your hanging lantern with the birds in it. But what is hanging from it???? And THE BROOM! TOO CUTE!
Everything just looks wonderful! My gosh! you have a beautiful home!
I love the song "Come on over"! I find myself singing it a lot lately!! Too fun! I've never heard it before, and now it's one of my favorites!
Thanks for joining in! Very fun!
Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

Kathleen said...

Looks beautiful! The ghosts around the tree is adorable!!
Going to look around your blog ..looks great..

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love all of your Halloween decor. The birds on the branch are great! How lucky you are to be so close to Curious Sofa! Have a great day!

Tattered Goods said...

Your look is awesome... I love the ghosts around the tree :) I hope your day is great!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Kara, first of all isn't it a bummer that these kids think it's fun to vandalize, it can really put a damper on things! Your entry is gorgeous. Love how you've used the crows and all your fun and imaginative ideas. I just love it all!

Sheila R said...

Love your fall decor! So glad to see you back... less than 30 days until we are off to play at SB! So looking forward to it!!!

Pamela said...

Love those stick urns!! I just saw Target put out their lighted sticks the other week for Christmas. You get 4 for $10 and I was wanting to do that in the urns for the holidays! Sorry abt the hoodlums in your neighborhood! That really stinks. Been there and not fun. LOVE your crows on the foyer chady!

tina said...

I'm so glad you're back, Kara! You were so missed! Thanks for sharing your lovely decor!

Anonymous said...

You are resourceful with getting around those teenage kids. :) I had a 2 yo to consider, so I put things out and quick took the picture. Your door is simply lovely, and I, too, get a kick out of the marvelous birds. Thanks for sharing.

ceekay said...

Love all your ideas. The tree is cute with the crows. Love the witches hat and broom....thanks for sharing your home today!

Mieke said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my door ! What a shame your decoration gets stolen. I love the branch with the crows and the colors of your wreath or gorgeous !

Stacy McGinnis said...

I love your halloween ideas Kara! I think I may have to go get an urn at Lowe's also! :)
Less than four weeks until Silver Bella, can't wait to meet you!

cmluvs2stamp said...

Wow! Is all I can say. What a fantastic entryway.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Your home is beautiful and I love the moon in the window. I love it all and that pumpkin with the house numbers on it. too cute! ~ Lynn

Sandra said...

Hello! This is my first visit to your blog and I love your porch! Very pretty!

Theresa said...

Hi Kara, Thank you for stopping by for a visit! OMG your door is gorgeous but the window above the door... wow, I love it. All of your decorations are just perfect. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Theresa said...

Hi Kara, Thank you for stopping by for a visit! OMG your door is gorgeous but the window above the door... wow, I love it. All of your decorations are just perfect. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

AliGripp said...

I have those same ghosts hanging out in my backyard!! You did a fabulous job!!

Melissa Miller said...

What beautiful inspiration and doors Kara! ~Gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing and for vsiting my blog as well.
You're always welcome!

~Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

The DIY Show Off said...

All of your fall/Halloween decor is so inspiring. It's beautiful! I had to giggle at your Edgar Allen Poe comment. I did make a tree just like this last year and I call it my Nevermore Tree!

I was introduced to the Curious Sofa a few weeks ago. I can't get enough.

I'm new to your blog. It's nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by to see me today too!


Sue said...

Hi Kara, What a nice entry to your home! Your door wreath looks so colorful and the addition of the feathers made it pop. Sorry you have issues with thieving teens. It's disheartening to go to the trouble of creating something nice only to have it stolen or vandalized.
I think these tree branches are great- I made mine because I didn't want to pay $25 for a cute black tree in a gift shop. Free is fun and good, right?
Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. It's always fun to meet new friends.
:-) Sue

Debbie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and visiting me. Come back anytime. OMG, I just love your front entrance. Its just beautiful and all your fall decorations look wonderful. Debbie

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

You have a beautiful porch and front door. I luv all of your decorations inside and out. You are so creative. Stop by. I have just opened Cottage Loft Boutique. Hugs, Connie

debi said...

Your fall porch is beautiful! That big moon is really fun...and I love all the crows!

Catherine said...

Love your front door and fall decorations!! Hope you are well!!

Charlene said...

What a shame that you can't leave decorations out in your own yard these days! Love those urns with the wreaths and pumpkins, and the big wreath, as well.

Good luck with your decorations this year!

Anonymous said...

Kara WOW! Love it all!! I am so sorry you have a problem with the teens stealing things. That is so sad- to think that you have to think twice about putting something out in your own yard for fear of it getting stolen.

Your idea to place a grapevine on top of the urn and then the pumpkin is nothing short of brilliant!! I have several grape vines just sitting down in my basement! There coming out tomorrow!


Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Kara!
so sorry about your mischievious teens!! But your fall decorations are really great! Love the idea of your address numbers painted on the white pumpkin! Also..your crow tree is something I will try! It is totally cool!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Beautiful door and beautiful home~ I love the urn idea, need to try that one~ Cindy

Donna VW said...

Love your ideas - thanks for sharing!

Leah C said...

Oh wow...just love all your fall decor! And I'm "over the moon" over that big moon in the window:) Hope you had a wonderful time away...glad you're back in blogland!

Leann said...

Wow, I love what you did with the urn. What is a funkin pumpkin? Fake?

So glad that I stopped by!

Natalie Hansen said...

Love all of your fall and Halloween stuff! I think that the only way that my Halloween stuff is going to get put out this year, is if it can get out of the attic by itself! Looks like to next decorations for me will be Christmas ones!

TxScrapAddict said...

Welcome back! Beautiful decor!!!!

zandra said...

Love your home! It's a shame that kids can't appreciate all the touble you go threw to make it so nice. Hugz, Z

BabyBokChoy said...

Wow, I can't imagine what it would be like to like in such a FABULOUSLY decorated house! That bee costume, tooooooooooooo funny