Dreams come true....and not just at the Magic Kingdom

Per ardua ad astra!
(by striving we reach the stars)

Here are some clues to my surprise....I am soaring high with excitement!

  • Clue 1-

101 soldered dominoes.... give aways at Miss Frenchies.

  • Clue 2-

tons of vintage buttons....every size, color, and style one could dream of!

  • Clue 3-

an article in HERLIFE magazine.

The answer to the clues-
drum roll please.....
What you may ask....
Charm School
The closing of the scrapbooking store, came at the perfect time in my life, as many of you know, my father became very ill. I had no desire to teach or design packets and stayed pretty happy in my studio creating for EK Brands. I had been contacted by several stores in our area about teaching or designing packets, but I just wasn't ready to commit to anyone. My life was in a perilous position and I didn't know at the time, what next week would bring.
Ali took me out one night, I need to get out of my funk and breath. It was the opening to Vintiques. Music serenaded us as soon as we walked into the bustling doors. We were greeted with champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, and shoppers that were as excited as us about lace on spools and bags of ephemera (real stuff, not photo copies). The store was an eclectic mix of antiques and vintage finds. I walked to the back where the trays of desserts awaited me and there on the wall of the art studio -
"From a Women's Soul, through a woman's eyes, by a woman's hands."--
from Where Women Create by Jo Packman
It was a moment when I knew that I belonged. It is home. It is a place where everyone takes the time to talk to you and ask you what you are working on, a place where you can learn jewelry making, polymer clay, fairy wings, and more.
It is a place with a studio you can create in...
It is heaven.
I am lucky to be a part of this group of Kansas City Artist.
Look at there blogs and you will understand why I feel so lucky.
If you haven't heard of Vintiques...it is centrally located in the City Market. It is across from the Chinese Grocery store and behind the Steam Boat Arabia Musuem.
400 Grand
Kansas City , MO 64106

Peek inside....
It is always changing with new treasures and art.
It has the most affordable ephemera and vintage craft items I have found anywhere.

Do you remember those charms Ali and I made for Miss Frenchies?
Here is what I did with mine.....

Ali and I are teaching on May 17Th from 2:00 to 5:00.
We will create this jewelry box to hold soldered charms in. In the class, you will learn to solder. We have a 100% success rate. You do not drop solder onto the charm, but spread it like butter. It is amazing how easy it is and how many charms you can make for gifts to share. We will teach you the Sally Jean way to making jump ring fly on to your charm and all the tips we learned from her on how to make your solder look pretty! Bring photo copies of pictures you would like to put between glass or copy them at the store for a low cost. Ali designed the charms below for you to create in the class or you can use a mix of produces to make your charm as unique as you are.

I hope we see you at Charms School. If soldering has always intrigued you then, here is your chance. We will guide you through the easy process to create your own amazing charms.
The ideas are endless....

I am going to try to make a photo stream of all the classes offered at Vintiques...
Look for it at the bottom of my blog!
I forgot to tell you that we can host private classes at Vintiques. So, if a group of you want a particular class from me....email me what you would like and I can design it for you. It doesn't have to be a soldering class. You can dream it and I can make it happen.
I hope the surprise was worth waiting for...I can't express how excited I am!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fabulous place :-)

we don't have anything like that round here...
crafting is not as big here in the UK (not where I am anyway) so I manage to get to the odd craft fair or sometimes there is a big craft show where they do demos and stuff, but nothing great like this!

Good luck with the teaching, it's a very brave thing to do!

Rose XXX

TxScrapAddict said...

Congrats!! wish I lived closer!!

Sheila R said...

I love your Vintique charms!! You are truly amazing! Isn't it great that dreams do come true?!!!

Nancy W said...

WOW! I wish I lived closer! HMMM. I might have to keep an eye on cheap flights! I would love to learn from such creative ladies! hugs from Conroe, TX!

tina said...

What an amazing little store! :) I wish I could attend one of your classes :)

Wanda said...

I'm so excited for you and Ali....it will be wonderful. You seem so happy..I'm glad..you are such a great lady. One thing I'm bummed about (okay, other than being too far away to take classes) I thought I had the market on cheap old crap. :)

Linda said...

How exciting for you! Good things happen to good people!! I hope to visit in the future.

Lori said...

that store looks amazing!!! i wish i could see it in person...what a wonderful resource to have...i have been wanting to learn to solder for a while...wish i could be there for your class!!!

Lilli said...

Congratulations Kara! How wonderful that you've found a new venue for your talents, one that feels right for you :)

Leah C said...

All your charms are lovely! I'm glad you found a "home" for your creative soul:)

Silke said...

Congratulations!! I can tell from the energy in your post that you are "home" with what you do and where you get to express it! So happy for you!! :) Silke


Kara, thank you for your beautiful postings and musings about Miss Frenchie! What fun we had - meeting and greeting and sharing the news about the WorkShop. By the way - I've started gathering lots of pink things. A box of goodies for you - that I hope will inspire!

Sandy Michelle said...

How exciting and what a fun class to teach! I would have a hard time not buying stuff while I taught there. Congratulations!!


Natalie Hansen said...

How exciting! If I was nearby, I would be taking your classes in a heartbeat! Congrats!!
P.S. I have a "yellow haired" girl coming soon!!

Angelia said...

I am happy for you, Kara! And wishing I could visit and have the master teach me :D