Studio Time with Coco Channel

At the entrance of my studio, you must get past her-- Coco Channel, a chocolate lab. I have been living in my studio lately. It has been fun, messy, and sometimes stressful... especially when I lose my scissors under piles of scrap paper.
Don't tell me you have never done that before!

I brought her in a blanket....she seems to need a nap-
I will write more as soon as I finish up in my studio....she is making me tired!
I have some fun photos from a Nell Hill Event to share and some projects I have been working on! More post soon!


karin said...

Hi Kara,
My husband calls my studio dest the "big black hole", cause i loose everything, ALL THE TIME!!!
Your dog is beautiful!

kathy said...

Kara love you sweet doggy pics -- also your jewelry creations == OH la lA !! Kathy - ga

Silke said...

You dog is just beautiful! Those eyes...:) Silke

Leah C said...

Yummy chocolate:) Coco looks like such a sweetie!

TxScrapAddict said...

Sucha doll she is! I have a little one that curls up in the extra chair to "help" me scrap... I've lost a lot more than a pair of scissors under piles of paper......

tina said...

I love that you named your choco lab "Coco"! :) Aw, trusty partners in art!