An Average, Random Day....

Here is how my day started....

"Good Morning, Mr. S. It is time to rise and shine. It is a beautiful day."-me

"Talk to the booty, because the hand is off duty"-Mr S.


Checklist for School Picture Day...according to Mr. S.
  1. Hair slicked down and sprayed. (check)
  2. Teeth shiny clean. (check)
  3. New shirt (check)
  4. Cologne, so the girls will think I smell Gooooooood! (check)
  5. St. Louis Cardinal shirt in backpack, so I can change as soon as they take my picture. Don't even think I am wearing this all day! (check)

Sigh! Always entertaining with Mr. S around....

He does look pretty cute!

Pretty cute and ornery.

So excited about Silver Bella this year...I know it is months away but here is a look back at years past. This is my 4Th Bella and I feel as exuberant about it as I did my first trip. Maybe even more, because I know how magical it is. Teresa is like the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella.

For your Silverbella questions and answers go here:

Year 1....
Suzy Q and I got match PJ bottoms with chandeliers on them.
We sprayed them with glitter to make them really bling.

Year 2
The theme was a Junk Gypsy Wear....notice the hat.
Why am I the only one in a hat? It was Ali's first trip and definitely not her last.

Year 3
Sally Jean, Sally Jean, Sally Jean the soldering queen!
Sally's site:

Here is my class schedule for this year's Bella Time:

Day 1

  • Vintage Rosary Necklace with Kaari Meng


  • Snowman Clip Ornament with Jennifer Murphy


  • Ephemera Bird with D.Sharp


Day 2

    • Holly Days Countdown with Pam Garrison


    • Bundle Up Birdie Shadowbox with Jennifer Murphy

    I am missing classes with the great Rebecca Sowers, Anna Corba, Charlotte Lyons, and Teresa aka Miss Foof. I need more time and more options...Sigh!

    Another Random thought for today...

    Here are a few things on my nightstand.

    I have been reading the Shopaholic series. This is #4 in the series. #4 must be lucky for me today! Sophie Kinsella is an English author who's sense of humor causes me to laugh out loud. She also is the cause of getting less sleep, because I am up all night reading about the chaos in Becky Bloomwood's life.

    Where you can find Sophie:

    Another good read is this book. Lena is a master painter and printer. The book is full of beautiful photographs, ideas, and the patterns are included in a handy dandy pocket on the last page in the book. Brilliant!

    Lena Corwin's blog: http://blog.lenacorwin.com/

    This thrift store find was covered in contact paper images. Then painted over with yellow paint. Peeled the contact paper images off leaving their silhouettes. Darling!

    Well, that is probably all the random-ness one can handle today....

    Tomorrow, I will be more focused. (lol)

    In fact- I have exciting news,

    fabulous news,

    happy news,

    can't wait to share news.

    No, it isn't baby news....with all the attitude from Mr. S. The baby factory is closed forever!

    and that is a long time!!!!!!!!!!



    Nancy W said...

    Hey Kara, I love Mr. S! How adorable is he and enjoyed reading your post! I sure wish I could do a weekend event like this! I am still trying to get my hubby to "get it" so I can go without feeling a little guilty, lol. These things are pricey but I know they are so worth it! I will have to keep an eye on this event! thanks for the 411! hugs from Conroe, TX p.s. At least you have Mr. S to keep you company while hubby is away. I have my craft room and the wii, LOL

    Sheila R said...

    Mr S sounds a lot like my little guy... especially the cologne part - the more the better he thinks!!

    Anonymous said...

    ah how sweet does he look for his photo! I can't wait til my daughter starts school this year, so much to look forward to!

    Sounds like you have some fun things coming up :-)

    Rose X

    natalea said...

    So funny! I'm laughing and relating to "with all the attitude from Mr S the baby factory is closed forever!" Same here Kara! My daughter gives me enough to handle for the rest of my life! Cute pics! xo natalea

    Silke said...

    Mr S looked quite handsome today. I had to laugh about the cologne part... Your upcoming Silver Bella trip sounds wonderful! What an opportunity!! And thanks for sharing the random tidbits. I'll have to check out the shopaholic series... :) Silke

    tina said...

    Mr. S sounds so much like my Mr. C. LOL. I love the booty comment. LOL. Silver Bella sounds amazing. I so wish I could go! Looking forward to your announcement.

    Leah C said...

    Mr. S sure is a cutie:) Love all the random thoughts today!

    Vicki C said...

    Ohhhhh CUTE-T-PIE!!!
    Why is it that Silver Belle weekend never works for me???? We'll see about Friday night.

    Shonna said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Mr. S is sooo cute!!!! Aren't boys great??

    Sandy Michelle said...

    You're son is so handsome! I wish I could take that rosary necklace class with you at SB this year! I am going to check out those fabulous books you recommended. Am waiting PATIENTLY for your great news!


    TxScrapAddict said...

    Whata guy, Mr S! Adorable! Silber Bella...sigh...trying to talk DH into letting me go. Soooo much going on in your blog world today!!

    Caleen said...

    Love your post.. You have a cute little man.. He is adorable.. You really are so lucky and blessed to have gone to silver bella 4 times. That is so amazing.. You definitely fit in the talented and creative category.. Maybe someday :)
    I'll have to check out the books you are reading.. Looks good.
    How funny.. Why is it that whenever we have Good News it is always about "Are you Pregnant"?
    HA.. I love my 6 Kids but, Hello?
    my Baby Factory is definitely Closed for good!! Time for Grandkids :) HA.. I will be anxiously awaiting your news!!

    Lori said...

    Kara, thanks for stopping over to visit with me:) your son is absolutely adorable!!! what a cutie...how fun that you got to go to SB so many times...maybe i will get there one day too...

    amy said...

    We are in 4 of 5 classes together at Silver Bella! :)

    Mr. S is so cute! I love that he slicked his hair for photo day. Be sure to show us how the photos turn out.