Card #5 and a little pest for Liv...

Liv,http://countrylivs.blogspot.com/ Darling -this is for you. I wish I lived closure so I could send my sweet Coco Channel to catch the darn squirrel in your attic! May peace soon return to your humble abode. Look! Dear Coco's eyes are glowing with hunger for squirrels.

All K and Company Smitten paper
Ribbon and pearls on a string from Hobby Lobby
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard

This card was a lot of fun. It is the last of the Rock Star K and Company Adhesive Chipboard that I will be showing. I used and oval pattern and some scalloped scissors to create a ladies compact. The hinge on the compact is just a folded piece of pattern paper. I tied ribbon to it to hid the hinge. Tomorrow, I will be showing a few vacation and travel cards.

Card #4 Oui Oui


Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard
Smitten Paisley paper
Smitten Heart paper
Smitten glittered paper
Brenda Walton Adhesive rhinestones
Glittered Stickers

ALL K & Company

This is a simple one. I cut an oval and stitched to my card. I bet you know where I found my pattern for my Eiffel Tower. Yes, Sierra Print Artist. Add the title and a few pieces of chipboard. Ta-dah! Easy Breezy.

Here is a little peak at May spotlight. It is available at 2 Scrappy Sisters and yes, they will ship it to you! http://www.scrappysistersks.com This one is a Mother's Day layout. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, make sure to check out my dear friend Vicki...she is a Scrap Scene Celebrity today...you will love her blog. I drool over it daily. http://www.scrapscene.com/2008/04/spotlight-on-a-designer-vicki-chrisman.html


Card #3 "Sweet Queen Bee, Whatever"


Smitten hot pink paper
Brenda Walton Dollhouse green dot paper
Black polka dot-Studio K
Rhinestones-Hobby Lobby
Black wide ribbon
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard
Metal chain-Hobby Lobby (jewelry department)

I used my dinosaur program (Sierra Print Artist) again to create the crown shape and cut it from the hot pink pattern paper. The fold is at the bottom of the crown. I cut 1/2 wide strip from the green dot paper and stitched it with black thread to the bottom of my card. I pleated the black ribbon by gathering it. Make sure to leave a space for the Queen Bee Chipboard. I tucked the word "Sweet" and the Skull under the ribbon. The word "Whatever" is placed on a folded piece of black dot paper and secured by a chain to the skull. The jewels on the crown are made from circles punched. Each point has 3 circle punches folded in half and glued back to back. This makes a neat little textured piece that will lay flat in an envelope. To create the pleated black and white center piece. According fold the black and white paper. It is 1 x 12. Glue it end to end like a bracelet and then push the center together. I use hot glue so I don't have to wait for the glue to dry on this piece.

Hail to the Queen Bee!


Card #2 and other fun stuff!

Na-na saved the day! Sutton is not allowed any physical activity...no bike, no scooter, no trampoline, no running, and no slide. He is feeling better and tired of watching all the fun. Na-na brought him a little get well package with bubbles in it. It also had a stain glass monkey paint set...the monkey is hanging in his window. Thanks Na-na. The bubbles were more perfect than she will ever know. Sutton would make the bubble blower go and Coco "the crazy chocolate lab" would jump and pop each one. We were rolling with laughter watching her attack the bubbles. I couldn't get one good photo because I was shaking with laughter. This was just what a bored little boy needed to do on a beautiful weekend.

Card #2
Black Cardstock
Acetate or an overhead
Smitten hot pink paper
Mira orange paper
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard
Brenda Walton Rhinestones
Hot Pink thread for the sewing machine

I used the fold line in the cardstock to create the card. By tracing a plate, I had a good shape. I placed acetate between the black cardstock and the orange, scalloped pattern paper to create the shine you see on the old fashion lp's. LOL. I still have a few of my favorite records. I don't even own a record player to play them on, I just can't throw them out. I have all my Rick Springfield albums, Journey, Asia, Grease, and Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical Album. How funny is that?


We are back in the "Swing" of things!

Thanks for all the well wishes...Sutton is better. I know he still doesn't look like himself-dark eyes, 8 pounds skinnier, but his smile is back and that is a start. So, far today, no temperature. Wa-hoo! That is a great way to start the day. We are heading to some fun demo's at Michael's Craft Store http://www.michaels.com/art/online/home, then to Action Sports for Webkinz Day http://www.webkinz.com/us_en/, and the final stop is the library for vacation books. Fun, fun Saturday!

Here is little Miss Hayden. She is so grown up. When did this happen? This was what she wore to picture day at school. I just love Gap http://www.gap.com/browse/subDivision.do?cid=6256. I wish they had this dress in my size!

Okay, how about some fun! I have been making cards. How about 12 Days of cards? Here is #1. It is a guitar. It makes me think of Guitar Hero for a girly girl like myself.

Supplies used:
Smitten paper
Smitten glitter paper
black cardstock
yellow thread
Brenda Walton rhinestones
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard

The card is shaped like a guitar. I used the fold line on the pattern paper to hold the guitar together. I found my guitar pattern on Sierra Print Artist. It is a "dinosaur" computer program that I have had for at least 10 years and was purchased at Wal-Mart.


I Can't Wait!

This is my little boy when he is feeling like himself. We aren't there yet! It has been a rough week to say the least. He has been quiet, tear-y eyed, and running a low temperature. I spent all day holding him on Friday. He hasn't been that quiet, since he was a new born. I am really missing my active, over-talkative little boy. The surgery went like expected, the recovery was a little difficult with his breathing but by the time they let us back he was sounding a little better. Some days are good ones and some days we are making it through. Next week should be a lot better. Thanks for all the warm wishes and emails. Hugs-K



Sutton had a bad asthma attack on Saturday...you know the scary kind. He is on the mend but we are off to see an allergy specialist after his poor, old tonsils come out. Poor baby has had a lot of health issues lately. He is on more drugs than most older adults. He is such a trooper...not much gets him down. When you feel a little blue, do you ever go to a "happy" place? Here is mine-Eureka Springs Arkansas. http://www.eurekasprings.org/ We traveled here over Spring break with the kids. Shane and I have been before with my sister-in-law. It is one of those places that feeds your creative soul and rejuvenates you. It is a small town with a trolley run. The town is full of old buildings and unique shops. The houses look like gingerbread homes...many are Victorian. It is full of beautiful gardens and green ways. Someone definitely has a green thumb. The people are genuine, kind, and friendly. And, YES...it has springs everywhere. (caves too) The Crescent Hotel is always a favorite spot. http://www.crescent-hotel.com/ It has a sign in it that says 1886. Not only is it beautiful but it is suppose to be haunted. It was featured on "Most Haunted." My picture looks like there may be a ghost but it was just my flash reflecting on something shiny. Eureka Springs also has a pink McDonald's. How can you not love a place with a pink McDonald's?-K