Card #3 "Sweet Queen Bee, Whatever"


Smitten hot pink paper
Brenda Walton Dollhouse green dot paper
Black polka dot-Studio K
Rhinestones-Hobby Lobby
Black wide ribbon
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard
Metal chain-Hobby Lobby (jewelry department)

I used my dinosaur program (Sierra Print Artist) again to create the crown shape and cut it from the hot pink pattern paper. The fold is at the bottom of the crown. I cut 1/2 wide strip from the green dot paper and stitched it with black thread to the bottom of my card. I pleated the black ribbon by gathering it. Make sure to leave a space for the Queen Bee Chipboard. I tucked the word "Sweet" and the Skull under the ribbon. The word "Whatever" is placed on a folded piece of black dot paper and secured by a chain to the skull. The jewels on the crown are made from circles punched. Each point has 3 circle punches folded in half and glued back to back. This makes a neat little textured piece that will lay flat in an envelope. To create the pleated black and white center piece. According fold the black and white paper. It is 1 x 12. Glue it end to end like a bracelet and then push the center together. I use hot glue so I don't have to wait for the glue to dry on this piece.

Hail to the Queen Bee!


Country Liv . . . said...

Wow! My grand daughter would love that card (as would any 14 year old). The colors are a kick! Love your designs.

Lilli said...

I love the "whatever" :) Nothing like hot pink and green to get someone's attention!

Michelle said...

FUN! I'm thinking my Mom would love it! LOL!

Sandra Evertson said...

This is absolutely Fabulous!
I Love that your created the dimensional "gems" at the top!
Sandra Evertson