Sutton had a bad asthma attack on Saturday...you know the scary kind. He is on the mend but we are off to see an allergy specialist after his poor, old tonsils come out. Poor baby has had a lot of health issues lately. He is on more drugs than most older adults. He is such a trooper...not much gets him down. When you feel a little blue, do you ever go to a "happy" place? Here is mine-Eureka Springs Arkansas. http://www.eurekasprings.org/ We traveled here over Spring break with the kids. Shane and I have been before with my sister-in-law. It is one of those places that feeds your creative soul and rejuvenates you. It is a small town with a trolley run. The town is full of old buildings and unique shops. The houses look like gingerbread homes...many are Victorian. It is full of beautiful gardens and green ways. Someone definitely has a green thumb. The people are genuine, kind, and friendly. And, YES...it has springs everywhere. (caves too) The Crescent Hotel is always a favorite spot. http://www.crescent-hotel.com/ It has a sign in it that says 1886. Not only is it beautiful but it is suppose to be haunted. It was featured on "Most Haunted." My picture looks like there may be a ghost but it was just my flash reflecting on something shiny. Eureka Springs also has a pink McDonald's. How can you not love a place with a pink McDonald's?-K


Pinky Pie said...

poor little sutton i hope you get to feeling better buddy :]]

Vicki C said...

Oh.. I hope you get to the bottom of that and that he gets on the mend, poor little guy!
The photos from your trip are wonderful Kara... it looks like such a cool place.. and a pink McDonlds???? How can you not love that? lol

Sheila R said...

Hope Sutton is on the mend. I too love Eureka Springs. Seeing those beautiful pictures reminds me of years ago when the Wild Wedded Women took their annual trip too, before we just decided it was better to stay closer to home to get more crafting time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.

scrappermimi said...

I think you are right, gotta love a pink McDonalds!

I hope your little one is feeling better.

My happy place: the beach, it always makes me happy!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Kara! What a great trip y'all had! Love all the photos; the children look so happy. I'd love to be near a town that didn't tear down and rebuild constantly like Charlotte, NC does! Please keep those photos coming, love them.

Alteredego said...

Kara, sorry to hear the the kiddo is sick. I knew upon first look as to where this was. I have stayed at this hotel many times. There is a history there. It is a beautiful place and loved going back each time. Hope the family had a good time.