Good News for Hayden

Hayden has had a wonderful month so far....

She auditioned for "Annie Get Your Guns" in Leawood and received a call-back. We couldn't go to the call back. We were in St. Louis. She was disappointed but Gladstone came through. Her audition according to Hayden went terrible (she cried all the way home)--however, she is a "Royal Child" in "The King and I!" Yipp-ee!!!! I am so proud of my little drama queen. To top it all off...Hayden is also "Swimmer of the Month" at the YMCA. I can't wait to see what May will bring. I am cleaning out closets and now, my scrap space...I will have projects to show you in a few days. -K


Anonymous said...
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missy j said...

Congrats! That is so awesome!

Country Liv . . . said...

Wow, Kara! Your family is certainly on a roll! Congrats to Hayden!I must tell you that she is a doll! And isn't it a funny coincidence that in the swim photo she has the same smile as Hayden Panetteri from Heros and Guiding Light! Better keep that motherly eye on her! LOL!
Oh, I love your new laundry pair! Who would have thought that we would be envying someone's new washer and dryer? I'd love to get a set in RED! Take care and tell Hayden to keep up the good work!
PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Vicki C said...

WAY to GO Hayden!!! You shoud be sooo proud!!!

Caleen said...

Congratulations to your daughter!!
She is a talented girl!! I have 2 children that love to act,sing and dance.. They are preparing for the "Grease" play.. kids version.. Should
be great.. Have a great weekend!!

jules said...

Congrats to Hayden. I love when our kids think the "did BAD" and it turns out to be the best thing.
Can't wait to see what you show us!!!:-)

Pinky Pie said...

Yay Hayden