Card #8

Card #8 is more of a mini book. Is a great place to add your extra vacation photos for a scrapbook page. If you are like me, you take way too many photos on a trip.

Supplies: Sea Glass paper
Travel Adhesive Chipboard
brown thread for sewing machine

I have been on a whirl-wind since our return home from a vacation. Sutton had a birthday, Mother's Day, and design work has kept me hopping. Yesterday, I taught a class and before leaving my home I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. Yikes! My little pink phone is toast! I am going to have to visit T-Mobile today. I don't even know a phone I would like. Technology really stresses me out! Mother's Day was nice...it started with cards and a Starbucks and ended with a new car. No, it is not my dreamy Lexus, but it is nice. I am transitioning from a convertible to a sedan (from 2 door sporty to having a car with 4 doors). It is rough on my ego but I am surviving...plus is was a nice gift from my hubby. Well, I need to get busy...6/13 cards finished. I need to make a one page layout and a craft item. I have to buy a new phone so I better get crafting. Kara


Christina said...

How totally cute! Love it! Sounds like you had quite the Mother's Day.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Ms Kara! Lovely little book and a great idea for those vacation shots. Sorry about the cell, my Joshua threw mine in the toilet but I took it out opened it up and rinsed it off and used the blow dryer on it and it still works!
Are you serious? A car for Mother's Day? What do you feed that man? I want one like him, please!
Guess what!? My hands are doing much better and I have been working on a wall hanging! I'm so excited to be able to work with paper again.
Hugs and Smiles,

Vicki C said...

Great project Kara!
Bummer about your phone... I just dropped mine in the washer a couple of weeks ago, and had to get a new one. grrr..
Super exciting to get a new car though! Glad you had a great Mothers Day!
Hope things slow for you soon friend!

Angelia said...

New car?! Cool!! But, sorry about the phone,

jules said...

what a cute book! It would make a great gift.

Caleen said...

A cute book.. You make lovely things.. You have been a busy gal..
I'm sorry about your cell phone :)
Have a great weekend!!

Loreluca said...

love the card! how fun and cute - and practical, too! Congratulations on your new car, even if it's not a Lexus :( I got used to my nice little minivan... Yup, I'm a suburbia mom all the way!

Sonia said...

Fabulous idea, love it!!!