Card #9-

This is my "Crazy Month"...it is like December only it is beautiful May. Hayden's birthday is Tuesday...yes, I know I just had Sutton's birthday. My babies are 10 days apart for birthday's and 4 years apart on age. We laugh that this year they will be 7/11. We need a photo in front of a gas station! We added to the craziness by throwing in a family vacation, a new car, and an new air conditioner. Not to forget, my dad's birthday, Mother's day, and graduations. The icing on the cake is that I leave Thursday for Las Vegas and the kiddos have way too many end-of-the year activities...field day, 5Th grade recognition, writer's celebration....Aaaaaah!!! I know, I am crazy.

Here is a school card in honor of school almost out for summer!

paper-Rough and Tumble by K and Company
chipboard-Adhesive school chipboard by K and Company
clear plastic baggie found in the baking section at a craft store

To Create the card, cut 2 apple shapes. One has a circle in the center of it and the other doesn't. Glue large apple pieces together like you would, if you were creating a pocket. Add baggie with Skittles in it between the 2 apple pieces. Stitch apples together and add embellishments. These would be a cute end of the school year gift or beginning of the school year gift.

I am missing every one's blog so much. I can't wait until June and I can get caught up on every one's lives! Hugs!!!Kara


Caleen said...

Now that is a super cute "TEACHERS"
card... Happy Birthday to your kiddos! April is a busy "birthday month for me!! Hope we have more time for blogging once school is out!

Vicki C said...

You are one "crazy busy" girl, my friend! Slow down and breathe! Take care of yourself! Hugs!

jules said...

Kara..this is really really cute! This would be cute with a gift card inside. (for the teacher)
Super neat idea.

And I am totally with you on the full calendar. May-around here-is always busy too. Hope you have fun in Vegas!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, Kara! I miss you too! It will be lovely when you have some time for yourself (and therefore Us) again.

Happy, Happy Birthday Hayden!!!!! (I'm sure you know what awesome parents you have!)

The skittles card is so cute-I just love this idea and can see it being used for other types of celebrations too. You did a wonderful job designing and putting it together!

I'm with Miss Vicki: try to slow down and enjoy these days; your babies will be grown and gone before you know it!


Sonia said...

Love the idea, look great!!!!