Card #10

Today is Hayden's birthday... I can't believe I have an eleven year old! She wrote a birthday list of a few things she would like for her birthday. On it, were things like Roxy clothes, Madonna's new CD, Grease 2 the movie, and a cell phone. She wrote in brackets next to the cell phone "highly unlikely but wanted!" Shane and I decided to go ahead an get her one because 1) she is a very responsible kid 2)she is involved in so many activities that it would be nice if she could call and let me know when practice ends early. We wanted to make the cell phone experience a learning one because most likely as an adult, she will have one. We got her the pay as you go phone. It comes with 40 minutes and then you can add time. She called her grandma as soon as she opened and said, "Grandma, I have to call you back on our regular phone because I don't want to use all my minutes"! LOL...I hope this will be a good learning tool for her.


Peter Horjus K and Company school paper
Hopscotch-yellow sewn type paper
Schoool adhesive chipboard
Office file tabs

I think this little card would also double as a good end-of-the-school year autograph book!

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday Hayden! It cracks me up how young they are when they are so wanting a cell phone. Love the card too!