Card #11 and Card #12

I was hoping to get on an earlier flight today...but since I am not, here are 2 cards instead of one!
The first one is not one of my favorites...It is a quick one!

Peter H. School paper
& Hopscotch paper
A button to match each thought bubble
Adhesive Chipboard (Classmates)

I trimmed from the pattern paper the thought bubbles I liked and positioned them to come out of the adhesive chipboard people. I realised after creating it that there are also clearly yours thought bubbles I could have used instead of cutting. That would have been even faster.

Card #12
Supplies: Card is from Brenda Walton
Pattern papers are all Brenda Walton
Twinkle Type "SEA"
Acetate or transparency
Hemp or Jute
Real Sand, star fish, and sea shell

To create this card, I placed 2 pieces of acetate together in the card's window. Between the acetate I place sand and a shell found on the shore. I glued the acetate together, so no sand would leak out. I believe I used K & Companies-wacky tac Craft Glue. It is a liquid and dries so clear. Next, I cut and tore my pattern paper and adhered it to the bottom of the card. I wrapped the jute around the card and tucked the starfish and twinkle type glitter letters on the card. Craft Glue will hold even the starfish.

I found these cards when all of my shelving above my computer came crashing down on my head. What a mess! It caused me to re-organize. Something I am always doing with my craft supplies. I'm off to Sin City...Kara


Heather Grow said...

I love your beach card. I really like the contrast of the natural elements with the sparkle.

Country Liv . . . said...

Morning Kara! I love the SEA card-so pretty. Sorry about that bump on the head but I guess your stash was trying to get your attention! Hope you have a grand time in Vegas! Will you be sharing your vacation photos with us?

Country Liv . . . said...

Hello Again, Kara! Vicki C tagged me again so . . .
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You can go to my blog to see my answers too!
Hugs and Smiles,

Caleen said...

Kara, love the cards.. Where do you get all your inspiration?... I love the sea card.. cute idea.. Do you have a organized studio? I bet you
are organized.. Ouch!! That must have
hurt having the shelves fall on your
head!! Glad you found the cards!!
Happy Memorial Day!!

Christina said...

Awesome cards Kara! I totally love the Sea card.

scrappermimi said...

Oh these are so pretty but I just LOVE the Sea one...gorgeous!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Hi Kara!
What fun, creative cards!! I think the seashell card is my favorite.

Have a wonderful week~

Vicki C said...

OH No... dont let anything fall on that creative little nogg'n of yours! Be careful friend!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey again, Kara! Well it will soon be a month since your last post. I am missing you and worrying too. Did you all make it through the tornadoes okay last night? Are the children doing okay?