Card #7-

We had a wonderful vacation in Virginia and North Carolina. I am still recovering and doing laundry. We left in the morning, after a tornado hit our area. I was packing with a flashlight. Not so fun! I am not sure of many of the Tornado details, but it hit Gladstone at approximately 2:30 am. I just crawled into bed. Not one siren was going off. We lost our trampoline but that was it. I drove down North Oak on my way home from the air port and saw some rebuilding. After living through the destruction of a F5 several years ago, I am thankful no one lost their lives. Our trip away was fabulous. I could easily live in Virginia and would love to vacation every year on the Outer Banks of North Carolina shore. I am completely overwhelmed with the history lessons I saw and didn't relax much because I was afraid I would miss something. I carried everywhere I went my letter from Liv. She gave us so much good information and I can't thank her enough. A highlight of my trip was giving her a call on our way to Jamestown. She is just a gem through and through.

Okay enough about our vacation...how about a vacation card?
Here is #7

Sea Glass background paper and palm tree green paper
Mira yellow paper
Old Tim Coffey brown paper from his vacation line
Relax is from the Travel Chipboard sheet...it also had "Travels" on it from the previous post.
I added Brenda Walton green gems to the card.
The net is from some plastic produce I bought at Hobby Lobby. I know I save everything. Kara


Lilli said...

I'm so glad you had a fulfilling vacation and that your house was still there when you got back :)

Love that little hammock on the card!

Country Liv . . . said...

Welcome Home Kara! I missed you while you were away having so much fun; but you deserved a nice vacation with your loved ones. Did Sutton and Hayden have a ball? I bet they did-Virginia is for children too, not just lovers! LOL! Thanks for the sweet things you said about me, but I'm just an ordinary soul who loves folk!

I see you had to get right back on the horse when you got home. Such a cute card and a nifty idea to use the package netting as a hammock! It sometimes pays to be a pack rat! Happy Thursday,

Vicki C said...

Glad you had a great time friend! Miss you , and glad to have you back!

Loreluca said...

here's the deal, Ms. Kara: No ONE person should have so much talent!!! Can I be GREEN with envy???
Love your work!