I am doing the Happy Dance....July Spotlight is Ready.

Here is a sneaky peek. I plan to deliver it on Friday to the Sisters. http://www.scrappysistersks.com/

I am feeling very patriotic! I hope this layout will work well with 4Th of July photos or any military photos. August spotlight is in the works....the theme is BBQ.


Where does the time go?

Having the kids home changes my schedule so much. I am having a horrible time with a new routine. Everything from my morning coffee to my daily phone conversations with friends has changed. Today, the kids and I made a schedule. I really hope we can follow it. I need it in my life in a bad way. We have to fit in swim team practice, T-ball practice, Hayden's foreign language class and her technology class, Sutton's science experiment class, and everyday activities like the library, pool time, and just plain Summer fun stuff. I took the kiddos to the library last night to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. I grabbed a couple of books for me. Self-help books....ha ha ha. I am needing all the help I can get.

Slow Up is by an Australia author who is an editor for a magazine called Life Styles. It has 199 tips for calming your mind, relaxing your body, and inspiring your spirit. One tip is to go to bed by 10 o'clock -3 nights a week. I am trying this one. Another tip is about creating a space to retreat to. She suggested placing a sewing machine or something from your hobby. Snaps, snaps...I am doing this one. Today, I tried tip #101 Clear Clutter. I tackled my closet and those clothes I think I am going to wear...the ones before kids...the ones from the early 90's. It ain't going to happen. I came to terms with the fact those clothes
are never going to fit me and if they did...they are
out of style. Somehow, I did okay with the clothes....shoes are just so much
harder. My closet is in order. Even the dh, noticed. Everything has a
place. Book #2 If Women Ran the World....the title caught my attention. I
had to get it. It is a really good, quick read. The inspiring stories are like a
good Hallmark commercial I get teary-eyed. One was about the
woman who wrote the book Beaches and another was about how Mother's
Day started. It is full of fun quotes..."If Women Ran the World...Doing
for ourselves would be as guilt free as any nonfat, noncarb, non-tasting
dessert is now".

I am sure you think I have not been creating....wrong. 6 projects for new product lines. Fun, fun...I wish I could show you now. July will be here soon. I did make this cute little ice cream cone card and a layout to go with. We went to see the ice cream truck at it's usually park location for a special treat on the last day of school. Do you know....it wasn't there? I'll show the layout after the ice cream treat. Hope everyone is enjoying their start to Summer. Relax and enjoy the ride. Kara


What do you do on a Half Day of School?

Whew...4 half days of school to end the school year. I was a little worried ...what would we do? Well, we went to see Shrek 3, it was very cute and a lot of fun with 7 kiddos and 3 Mommies. On the next day, we went to Kaleidoscope. So cool...it is a future crafters paradise. It is inspiring every time I go. The best part is it is free. Can't beat that. We had so much fun on the first day at Kaleidoscope, that the second day...I bet you can guess where we went. Yep, Kaleidoscope again. It is located at Crown Center next to the Visitors Center. Parking is free with validation. I always park on the ice skating side. You need to make sure to check the online calendar to find the schedule of operating hours.

They hand out tickets, so I recommend getting there a little early in the Summertime. You could always pack a lunch and bring a towel to run through the sprinklers.

Here are the pictures. They do not do it justice. I remember it being a magical place when I was little and we would go on field trips there.
Hayden is holding a camera. If you look closely at the pictures you can see me on the screen taking the photo.

Only at Kaleidoscope can you leap through windows, make your own puzzle, use markers from food containers.

This is melted crayons from the space room. It is lite with black lights...everything glows.

This is a froggy drinking fountain. The paper towel racks look like a dog and a boy...where the towel comes out like it is their tongue.

The fish is a wall divider, the hearts are lights on the floor and patterns on the wall made with lights.

If you have time, I recommend the Hallmark Visitors Center. The film on how their artist become inspired is well-done. The kids go on a savanger hunt throughout it. They stamp a little passport for each area with information about Hallmark. They also make a real bow with the bow maker. It is a favorite of ours.

Sorry for the long blog....Kara


We Have A Super Star in the Family

Hayden starred in the annual school talent show. She sang "Outside Looking In" by Jordan Pruitt. She sounded great and looked so confident up at the microphone. We were so proud of her. Everyone was yelling and cheering when she finished singing. Way-to-go...little girl.


Happy Trails

Oh, I am lovin' this vacation album. It is for my July class. I have pages 1 and 2 finished. Eight more pages to design. Let me tempt your pallet. Picture a world that spins with mini photos...page 1. Turn the page, to a suitcase mini book and and interactive airplane flying out of your album. I am using many of the concepts from the book Pockets, Pullouts, and Hiding Places by Jenn Mason.http://jennmason.blogspot.com/ Quarry books 2005. I will be showing you how to make the page protectors work for you. More sneak peaks coming.

Also, I have one kit left of the "SHE" book. All pieces are pre-cut for you with exception to the paper piecing. Everyone in class said the book went together quickly and easily. Email me if you want it. I am taking it out to the Kansas Store before noon. You can pay and pick it up there.

Thanks, Kara


Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion

Oh, I just get excited when the new magazine comes out. I love the artwork, the ideas, and the articles. This month's Home Companion didn't let me down. There is a great article about Anna Griffin, a mermaid by Mary Engelbreit herself, and a really neat home in SF called French Twist. I am loving it even more this month because little miss Hayden is in it on a K and Company ad. She tells me she is famous. I believe her. Hee hee.

Here is Home Companion's web site:


Drag your mouse over any of the pink bubble symbols on this blog and it shows a mini version of the web site before you connect to it. Technology is so cool. Kara


Assembly Required

After a day locked into my studio, I ventured out to Urban Arts and Crafts in BriarCliff Village. Such a funky, chic art store. It carries a little bit of everything...yarn, jewelry, fabric, paper...

I picked up beveled glass, a roll of Vogue paper, a baggie full of Junkyard Art ( ledger sheets, playing cards, slides, labels, etc.), and an Amy Butler journal. Ooh, it is way beautiful. I love to have a pretty notebook to carry in my purse. I sketch in it, write ideas in it, and have the kiddos draw in it when we are waiting somewhere. I saw these notebooks on Amy Butler's site http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/products/patterns_top.php but didn't realize I could buy one here in town. I felt like I had found treasure.

Special Delivery from Brenda Walton's Small Wonders Collection-Baby Boy

Here is what you will need:

Here are the layouts. It is hard to believe Sutton was ever that small. I somehow shook the camera when I took the picture of the second layout.

How about a few cards to welcome baby to the world?

Here is a banner. I had trouble photographing it. I tied it to the staircase railing and then, tied it to the headboard in the guest bedroom. It would be so cute at a baby shower or tied on to a crib welcoming baby home. I used a plastic party banner from Hayden's birthday for the pattern on the pennants.


What can you make with Brenda Walton's Small Wonders Collection?

Let's see...you could make this party crown for the top of a cake or the top of a party girl.

Or you could make this card...

Or this one...

How about a mini picture album to throw in your purse...just perfect for a grandma?

You could also make a few layouts....

The ideas are endless what you could make with a Designer Paper Pad, Embossed Word Stickers, Embossed Girl Icon Stickers, Stitches Rub-Ons, Grand Adhesion's, Chipboard Alphabets, Tag Pad, and a few buttons and bows.