What do you do on a Half Day of School?

Whew...4 half days of school to end the school year. I was a little worried ...what would we do? Well, we went to see Shrek 3, it was very cute and a lot of fun with 7 kiddos and 3 Mommies. On the next day, we went to Kaleidoscope. So cool...it is a future crafters paradise. It is inspiring every time I go. The best part is it is free. Can't beat that. We had so much fun on the first day at Kaleidoscope, that the second day...I bet you can guess where we went. Yep, Kaleidoscope again. It is located at Crown Center next to the Visitors Center. Parking is free with validation. I always park on the ice skating side. You need to make sure to check the online calendar to find the schedule of operating hours.

They hand out tickets, so I recommend getting there a little early in the Summertime. You could always pack a lunch and bring a towel to run through the sprinklers.

Here are the pictures. They do not do it justice. I remember it being a magical place when I was little and we would go on field trips there.
Hayden is holding a camera. If you look closely at the pictures you can see me on the screen taking the photo.

Only at Kaleidoscope can you leap through windows, make your own puzzle, use markers from food containers.

This is melted crayons from the space room. It is lite with black lights...everything glows.

This is a froggy drinking fountain. The paper towel racks look like a dog and a boy...where the towel comes out like it is their tongue.

The fish is a wall divider, the hearts are lights on the floor and patterns on the wall made with lights.

If you have time, I recommend the Hallmark Visitors Center. The film on how their artist become inspired is well-done. The kids go on a savanger hunt throughout it. They stamp a little passport for each area with information about Hallmark. They also make a real bow with the bow maker. It is a favorite of ours.

Sorry for the long blog....Kara

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