Where does the time go?

Having the kids home changes my schedule so much. I am having a horrible time with a new routine. Everything from my morning coffee to my daily phone conversations with friends has changed. Today, the kids and I made a schedule. I really hope we can follow it. I need it in my life in a bad way. We have to fit in swim team practice, T-ball practice, Hayden's foreign language class and her technology class, Sutton's science experiment class, and everyday activities like the library, pool time, and just plain Summer fun stuff. I took the kiddos to the library last night to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. I grabbed a couple of books for me. Self-help books....ha ha ha. I am needing all the help I can get.

Slow Up is by an Australia author who is an editor for a magazine called Life Styles. It has 199 tips for calming your mind, relaxing your body, and inspiring your spirit. One tip is to go to bed by 10 o'clock -3 nights a week. I am trying this one. Another tip is about creating a space to retreat to. She suggested placing a sewing machine or something from your hobby. Snaps, snaps...I am doing this one. Today, I tried tip #101 Clear Clutter. I tackled my closet and those clothes I think I am going to wear...the ones before kids...the ones from the early 90's. It ain't going to happen. I came to terms with the fact those clothes
are never going to fit me and if they did...they are
out of style. Somehow, I did okay with the clothes....shoes are just so much
harder. My closet is in order. Even the dh, noticed. Everything has a
place. Book #2 If Women Ran the World....the title caught my attention. I
had to get it. It is a really good, quick read. The inspiring stories are like a
good Hallmark commercial I get teary-eyed. One was about the
woman who wrote the book Beaches and another was about how Mother's
Day started. It is full of fun quotes..."If Women Ran the World...Doing
for ourselves would be as guilt free as any nonfat, noncarb, non-tasting
dessert is now".

I am sure you think I have not been creating....wrong. 6 projects for new product lines. Fun, fun...I wish I could show you now. July will be here soon. I did make this cute little ice cream cone card and a layout to go with. We went to see the ice cream truck at it's usually park location for a special treat on the last day of school. Do you know....it wasn't there? I'll show the layout after the ice cream treat. Hope everyone is enjoying their start to Summer. Relax and enjoy the ride. Kara


deb said...

Oh Kara.. It will get easier as you get into your summertime routine. Great links on those books. And can't *wait* to see new product lines! :o)

Katie said...

I just LOVE that clock!!! Soooo pretty!!