Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion

Oh, I just get excited when the new magazine comes out. I love the artwork, the ideas, and the articles. This month's Home Companion didn't let me down. There is a great article about Anna Griffin, a mermaid by Mary Engelbreit herself, and a really neat home in SF called French Twist. I am loving it even more this month because little miss Hayden is in it on a K and Company ad. She tells me she is famous. I believe her. Hee hee.

Here is Home Companion's web site:


Drag your mouse over any of the pink bubble symbols on this blog and it shows a mini version of the web site before you connect to it. Technology is so cool. Kara


Anonymous said...

You are a SUPA-STAR!!!! :o)


Vicki C said...

Oh I love HC! (and Fancy Pants had a cool ad in there also) lol