On the Sixth Day of Crafting....

Happy Birthday to My Mama. She is 75 today! Wa-hoo. Still lookin' good! Wink, wink! Sorry for all the gray hairs I caused. Oh, that's right...you don't have any! My mistake.

Here is a funny little book to throw in your purse and keep your holidays organized. It is such a simple little book full of pockets to hold your receipts from all that holiday shopping. This is how I stay organized. Each member of my family gets their own page. I kept track of what purchases I have made for them and stick the receipt in the envelope just in case they don't like it, it doesn't fit, or they get another one from someone else. I also keep a pocket labeled "Friends" and one labeled "Shane's Family" and one labeled with "My Family."
To make my book, I used 2 envelopes. They are the front and back cover of the organizer. I used 3 cards. They became pockets and inside pages for the book. I glued the pages on 2 sides to create a pocket to stash list and receipts in. You will also need 5 pieces that are the width of your organizer by 1 1/2 inches. These are the binder. See picture below.

I hope this is a handy idea that you can use all year long. Kara

More ornaments from the Peppermint Twist Ornament pad...

I used the star ornament for a tree topper. I secured it to the top of my feather tree. It is so fun with an ornament peeking out from the center of the star.

I was thinking about these ornaments...they would really be cute on the top of family and friend's packages. Oh, here I go again...making ornaments. Sigh!

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