Day 5

Stop giggling at my big hair...it was the times....15 years ago to be exact. 5,475 days all together. Yes, it is my wedding anniversary today. He is not the most romantic guy in the town but this year he was "Rockin' at the Mic". Dinner at my favorite place on the Plaza....overlooking the lights. A++++ and then Joe Cool slipped out of his coat pocket...the beautiful blue box. It was the prettiest blue I think I have ever seen. Even better than the Martha Stewart blue....oh, ya...It was Tiffany's. I am pretty sure the angels were singing. Sigh! 15 years ago I didn't know how good I was going to have it. I sure got lucky...no, he did. Ha ha!

Okay, back to reality and inspiration. I "heart" this ornament craft pad from K and Company. So easy, the kids would like making them. So, fun to decorate .....I know the 2 Scrappy Sister's have them in stock. I saw only about 6. If you want one mailed to you, you need to call before they are gone. (916) 788-CROP. The ornament come in this pad. All you do is punch them out, fold them and glue. Decorating is my favorite part. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up "Trim-a-Tree" mini items and a few little pieces of Christmas Greenery. Everything I chose was 50% off at good old Hobby Lobby. I made these ornaments before. I had to send them to London for work. This time, I made them for me and I went "hog wild." I will post 10 a day. I made 38 of them. Then, I went to Michael's and bought a white, 3 foot feather tree. The white background just makes the ornaments POP. The tree was pre-lite with white lights. So, very cute. If you need a closer looky, look at the ornaments 2 Scrappy Sister's has the tree sitting on their Creative Cafe table.

I tied 3 ornaments together here, to make a banner. I used Twinkle Type letters to spell JOY. Twinkle Types are difficult to find. Call Ali, at 2 Scrappy Sisters. She may have some for you.
The gingerbread die cut and some of the other paper shapes are from the Peppermint Twist line by K and Company. You can get a 130 shapes in one die-cut package. They are double-sided too.
Tomorrow, I will have a new project and 10 more ornaments.


Karen Miller said...

Kara, Happy Anniversary! Yeah, that was some big hair!

I saw the tree at the Sisters and it is fabulous! I made some of those ornaments, so now, I'm going to go back and see if I can't spruce them up a little. As always, you're such an inspiration!...K.

Katie Lyn Sherry said...

Your HAIR is fabulous!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing your Tiffany story! That is so sweet.

Katie Lyn

Candice Carpenter said...

that tree is adorable!! fabulous ornaments!!

Sheila Rumney said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember when I had big hair too - glad that fad went out of style!

Love your ornaments and inspiration.

deb said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that big hair.. probably because I had it too. :) Lovin all those ornaments.. so inspiring. I just have to say though that I'm disappointed in our Michael's because each time I visit I look for the Peppermint Twist line and they don't carry it. They carry so many other K&Co things. Ah well.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Oh my! This is the prettiest tree ever. I have to make one for me!!!