Day 7-Gift Giving....

Here is my little fifth grade DARE graduate. She "rocked the mic" with her speech. It was a terrific show. We were so glad that we went. Hayden and her friend Stefan are in the photo below. He is a neighbor of ours and a super, great friend of Hayden's. Sutton was needing some attention. I am sure you can tell from the photo.

The last of the ornaments but, tomorrow, I will show step -by -step how to fold the snowflake ornament in the package. It is a little tricky.

I am not sure if you have ever used Stickles, but that is how I placed the glitter on the ornaments. Notice the gold glitter below. I smeared it with my finger. Kara

I placed an ornament inside this box. It is shiny red.

Here is our gift-giving idea for the neighbor kiddos or a favorite teacher. I first used the Maya Roads box with an album in it. (Available at 2 Scrappy Sisters) I painted it school bus yellow and decorated it with polka dotted paper (also available at 2 Scrappy Sisters). My goal was to make it look like a crayon box. Inside of the box is a mini album...I will show it when it is complete....with the neighbor kids photos on it. Each one will receive this as a gift so they can have a little memory of the neighborhood fun they all have together. A teacher would love this gift filled with photos or drawings from their classmates. Maybe, even why their teacher is special written on the pages of a mini book. Hope you enjoy the idea. Happy Crafting...until tomorrow. Kara

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