Grandpa Marvin

Thanks for all the emails...I have been out of town. Grandpa Marvin was placed in a nursing home on Friday. It was kind of unexpected. He is Shane's grandpa. However, I love him just the same. His back has been bothering him along with other issues. Grandma Betty thought the nursing home could better manage his pain. He is in a small town nursing home. Shane's mom works there and looks after him. We went to visit him. I though he would look ill...not himself. Wrong, he was his spunky old self. He had his twinkle in his eye that I see in Sutton's eyes. I know where he gets it from. I hope he gets to feeling better soon and can return home. He is a wonderful Grandpa and Great Grandpa....we sure love him.

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Anonymous said...

That is really sweet! Glad you guys got to go see him, I am sure he was thrilled. We need to get down there to visit. Glad we know people who work there so he will be well taken care of.

Love, Renae & Steve