Summer Mornings

We have been walking to swim team practice every morning. It isn't in our neighborhood but one that is close. I walk Coco. Sutton rides his Harley Bike. Hayden walks with me. On mornings when we don't have Summer school, we ride our bikes. It is about a 15 minute ride. You would think I am getting skinny from all this exercise. BIG WRONG. It is my excuse to eat more cookies. My weakness.

Hayden is really toning up her skinny little legs and arms. Swimming is so good for you. She is having so much fun with her neighborhood friends. Yes, they are all in the same grade. Yes, she is the smallest one. Such fun kids to be around.


Melanie said...

Are those your little feet? :o) I love the neat photo of your bike! So YOU! I can just see you with fresh flowers in your basket, riding down the street! :o)

Vicki C said...

Good for you for bike riding, ...good exersize and fun with your kiddos! That's cool.
I wish I would have seen your message about your friends booth at the show... I sure would have gone and given them a hug for you.
Feels good to be home! putting my feel up now. lol

Melanie said...

Ok, your shoes are really cute, but I've been looking at them for almost a week now! :oP LOL!