So Very Proud

I went to Sutton's school this morning...7:15 am. Woo-that is early for me. Sutton's kindergarten teacher presented the book her class wrote from funds provided by the Kaylor Grant. She had a handful of students talk about the writing process and their role in writing the story. Sutton was his usual ham. He gave one word answers that had everyone chuckling. His drawing was voted on and chosen by his classmates to be the cover of their book. We were so proud of him. Kudos's to his teacher too. What a special kindergarten year...publishing a book!
The picture is of his Grammy and me.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! You have great reason to be very proud. Great photo too!!

Melanie said...

How neat is that!!? He's so cute! Don't you just love it when they do those one word answers! LOL! Great photo!


Vicki C said...

That is so cool! and that photo is a treasure!