Wal-Mart Surprise!

I had to go to Wal-Mart. We were out of dog food, 3-way light bulbs, soda, and 7/8 sheer pink ribbon. I told the kids that this was going to be a quick trip. I put Sutton in the shopping cart, even though his legs almost reach the ground, it is still faster. We were zipping down the craft aisle in direct route for the ribbon-when Sutton yells, "Hey, Mama...is that me and Hayden"? I turn to look at what he is pointing to and sure enough it was my kiddos right on the front of a box. We were so excited that I grabbed my little purse handy-Cannon Powershot and took a few photos of my celebrity children. I am sure the Wal-Mart employees thought I was nuts. If you are a Wal-Mart girl like myself..check out all the new scrap kits next to the ribbon. I loved the papers I worked with. They were yellows and blues-kind of a Danish look to them. The kit contains 290 pieces. It is made by K and Company under the brand Kurio. Happy Shopping!

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Jessica said...

VERY COOL~ I saw your kiddos in Idabel, Oklahoma! They just too cute!