Where, oh where, are my scissors?

Yes, this is really how my studio looked yesterday!

As embarrassing as it is,
this happens regularly to it.

I get so wrapped up in a project that cleaning as I go--
just sounds ridiculous to me.

Well, lucky for me, it doesn't take much time to clean it up.
Go HERE to find out all my secret tips for Spring Cleaning your craft space!


Sheila R said...

I am glad that I am not the only whose craft area looks like this. I try so hard after crafting to clean up, but then life happens.

Leah C said...

Creative clutter makes the best messes;) Who wants to clean, when you could be crafting?!

Caleen said...

You have an amazing crafting space. I love it even when it is like a tornado hit it.. I am glad I am not the only one.. I find myself on the floor too. and.. everything else. so funny. Just goes to show you are busy at work creating beautiful things. So fun.. Thanks for sharing. Your organization ideas are awesome. Wish you lived closer to help me out. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

A messy studio is a loved studio. It's lovely girl!

Sandy xox

Varah Musavvir said...

I keep telling my brother, just because you don't know where everything is, doesn't mean my room/work space is a mess. :p

your studio's pretty :) love it! and LOVE your blog :)